Meet Little Miss Mimsy

Meet Little Miss Mimsy
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Do you ever wonder why certain things happen to certain people or animals; was their pain and torture an evident lesson that the rest of us need to learn in order for this world to be complete? Why do innocent animals and humans have to suffer at the hands of others in order to simply find, at the least, some decency, or to find what all of us want in life – love?

When I met Mimsy at Spotted Paw, I met a little dog that was being fostered by two of the most loving people one could ever meet, but when you truly look into the eyes, you can see so much more. You can almost follow the path that life offered this living being before.

I always ask about the foster dogs. I want to know their story so that I can introduce these strong, resilient creatures to the public; to show that although their life has been tragic, these dogs still have the capacity and the sheer desire to do nothing less than offer unconditional love and support to people willing to adopt them.

Mimsy’s story goes a little like this: This tiny Yorkie/Affenpinscher Mix was discovered by an individual that realized the dog had been lying in the same location for three consecutive days in the rain. This person alerted Animal Control who picked up this stray and immediately contacted rescue because they could tell that she required emergency medical care.

Mimsy came in so matted that her hair engulfed her eyes; closing them so she was not able to open them thus not being able to see. Once her hair was cleaned, rescue discovered that her right eye was damaged beyond repair and it had to be removed. Her left eye had infection and still shows scars on the surface of the eye but she sees just fine with it!

It is thought that Mimsy could be between four and five years old, but Michael and Cris feel that she is closer to three years old. She is now very happy. She bounces behind Michael, is playful with their other dogs and has lots to say when one visits Spotted Paw.

Mimsy is a heart-breaker; winning over all those that she meets and wants nothing more than to snuggle with her forever person and receive mutual love and support that before she has only dreamed of doing. She socializes well with other dogs and barks at cats in order to get them to notice her so they will play with her, all disappointed if they do not respond in her favor.

Mimsy is a mere five-pound sack of love. She has a huge, loving, affectionate personality though. Please consider taking her in so that she could provide your home with lots of love. ARF and Spotted Paw can be contacted by all the particulars. Call or visit them at the following phone/web data:

Spotted Paw ARF-IL

630.225.7387 630.200.3828