Maria Milito Writes "Clarice and Friends" to Help Others Cope with Pet Loss

Maria Milito Writes "Clarice and Friends" to Help Others Cope with Pet Loss
Q104.3 host Maria Milito with her beloved muse, Clarice

Losing a beloved pet is probably the most difficult experience a pet owner can have. Dogs in particular love us unconditionally, despite our flaws. When that love is gone, we feel alone, having to cope with loss, guilt, and wondering if there was anything else we could have done. This is a normal part of the grieving process.

Through the darkness, there often comes a light in the support of our human friends, even strangers, who come to fill the void that is so painfully empty. Such was the case with Maria Milito, animal advocate and radio host on Q104.3. Listeners had bonded with Maria for years as a result of the stories she told of her dog’s antics. When her pug Clarice passed, she was greeted with an astonishing amount of sympathy emails from listeners who had been through the same thing.

For years, Maria has announced adoption events which have brought owners and dogs together for life. Undoubtedly, some of her listeners have their current best friend as a result of her announcements on the air. This was their payback to her, support during her time of grief.

In Maria’s words, “Pet loss in our society is not understood the same way a family member’s death is; although sometimes the loss is even more devastating to a person.” This is sadly true! Many businesses will pay for time off due to a loss in the family, but never for a pet. There are all kinds of books on coping with the loss of humans, but few for pet loss. Maria has now created a new kind of self-help book to help others handle pet loss, with the help of stories shared by her listeners: “Clarice and Friends: How They Helped Mend the Hole in My Heart”.

More information on the book and how to order can be found at the Clarice and Friends site.