Marcus has only 48 hours to live unless someone can save him

Marcus has only 48 hours to live unless someone can save him
Marcus when he was found dehydrated, emaciated, and temporarily blind in Istabul, Turkey.

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A Labrador mix was found last May in an Istanbul, Turkey forest in critical condition. It appeared to the team of rescuers, including an American tourist named Megan, that the dog was starving and dehydrated. In fact, this malnutrition had caused temporary blindness in the dog, further inhibiting his chances of finding something to eat.

Marcus has only 48 hours to live unless someone can save him
Marcus, the Lab mix shown here, needs a savior by Wednesday.

Megan, despite her inexperience with dogs, took extreme pity on the dog and offered to pay for his medical care and wanted to take him home with her to Washington, D.C. He made the flight to D.C. on June 1st and began a major recovery, regaining his eyesight and getting back to a healthy weight. Everything was going in Marcus' favor, with a couple of exceptions. Be sure to check out the slideshow of Marcus' photos (left).

Marcus developed a strong prey drive and would chase small animals, cats, squirrels, and other small dogs.
Also, Marcus became afraid of other dogs and, unsurprisingly, large men who approached him a certain way. These are likely behavioral issues that developed during his precarious health decline in Turkey, and can be worked on with training and patient guardians.

(Details become blurry at this point, but Marcus' situation is still dire). For whatever reason, Megan gave Marcus to her brother, who in turn gave him to someone else. Just a few days ago, Let's Adopt (a Facebook-based animal welfare group dedicated to helping animals in Turkey) reported that an email came from America, indicating that Megan had scheduled to have Marcus euthanized at her veterinarian.

Marcus had been on death's doorstep...and now he's back there again. He's currently awaiting execution in Washington, D.C., which will go according to plan unless someone steps up for him before this Wednesday, August 10th. If you can help save this poor dog's life, please contact Viktor at [email protected] with a detailed description of your household and situation.

Be sure to check out the video of Marcus (left).

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