Man throws cat at ceiling

Man throws cat at ceiling
3 times the charm? Ophelia was adopted from a shelter and is now back at that shelter after being thrown at a ceiling.

Facebook is an obsession to many. People post what they are doing, where they are, who they are with and much more on the popular social site.

Early Saturday morning, Reece Donahue posted on his facebook page “1 kitty is going to die tonight!”. A few hours later, Donahue’s roommate called the police and told them that Donahue had been drinking and was throwing things around their apartment including Ophelia the cat. When police arrived they found tufts of the cats fur stuck to the ceiling where Donahue had thrown her. They found her hiding in a closet with fresh blood on her mouth and nose.

Donahue was arrested for suspicion of animal cruelty, but was released.

Police previously arrested Donahue on Oct. 26, and alcohol also was said to play a role in that case. The Ramsey County attorney's office charged Donahue on Thursday with felony criminal damage to property. Donahue allegedly damaged the cars of his girlfriend and another person in the parking lot of the same apartment building, the complaint said.

Donahue had adopted Ophelia a month before from a shelter. After his arrest, his roommate contacted the shelter and returned her to them. Ophelia is now back at the shelter eating normally, but acting understandably skittish. People who would like to adopt her can call Caring For Cats at 651-407-8485. The adoption fee is $125.