MACH mania continues in upstate NY

MACH mania continues in upstate NY
Warpaint picked up a MACH5!!

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As the temperatures rise once again here in the Utica/Rome upstate NY area, so does the MACH count! Out at the Ruff Rider AKC agility trials at the Over Rover Training Center in Cato, three more MACH (Master Agility Champion) titles were earned today.

MACH mania continues in upstate NY
MACH Mania continues in upstate NY - Beeny and Sue claimed one of the elite titles. Kate Eldredge

Excellent ran big to small today for jump heights so the taller dogs had their chance for glory first. Stepping right up to the plate for a MACH 5 was Smooth Collie, Warpaint, with handler Steve. A MACH 5 means that Warpaint has earned a double Q, qualifying in both Excellent B Standard and Jumpers With Weaves on the same day 100 times plus earned 3750 time points by being faster than the standard time allowed! That is a lot of precise, accurate and fast agility runs!

Next in line was Judy with her home grown champion Airedale Terrier, Cedric for his MACH. Cedric is also a talented obedience dog having earned his UD (Utility Dog) title. Judy is known for her multi talented and good looking Airedales.

Third, but not least was Sue with her great red Border Collie, Benny. Benny has been featured before for a "perfect weekend". This counts as a "Stupendous Saturday"! Benny is known for his incredibly fast, very smooth runs.

Judge Chris Dewey must have felt like the agility gods were smiling on her courses today! Many agility classes this week and club meetings will be spent enjoying celebratory "MACH cakes".

Not a MACH but another performance worth mentioning happened Thursday. The Open FAST send was very, very tough. Dogs were sent into a tunnel, then came out to face a jump on the side by their handler, but they were supposed to go perfectly straight into 12 weave poles. Only one dog out of the whole class, all jump heights, managed to do that send. Kudos to Phoebe and her neat little Schipperke, Ticket! They didn't have quite enough points earned to make it a qualifying leg, but managing that send was very impressive.