LVV Humane Society cat rescue stories

LVV Humane Society cat rescue stories
Rescued clinging for its life from an overpass

It's hard to believe the predicaments that animals get themselves into, and even more difficult to figure out how and why. The Las Vegas Valley Humane Society's latest rescue story is a case in point. How in the world did that kitty get up there and why? My guess is that it was either hit by a car or lept from the highway to avoid being hit.

1. While they were in their back yard, a woman’s young son called the mother’s attention to a kitten clinging to the sound wall of the I515 highway downtown last Thursday night. After fruitless calls to other organizations with no success, the woman got on the Internet and found LVVHS at 6 p.m. Our volunteers came out with a too short ladder which had to be replaced by a longer one before the kitten could be rescued. Although it’s leg had to be amputated because of serious injury, the kitten is recovering enough to be moved to a foster home.

2. Volunteers are the main-stay of any animal shelter. They are the people on the front line who rescue pets, save animals' lives, foster and care for those animals not quite ready for adoption. I've always had a fear of a cat disappearing like this; in fact, in our first apartment our cat did get into the walls through an unnoticed hole in the cupboard. Thank goodness, we were able to entice him out using food. But yes, kittens do, indeed, show up in the craziest places!

On April 30, 2011, we received a call from Hans regarding a cat crying in the walls of his home. He had called a number of agencies (including police, fire, animal control) with no success in getting any help for this cat which had been crying for several days. He had gone into a crawl space where he thought the cat might be, but couldn’t get to the cat from the crawl space.

So we sent Jimmie Ramos to the rescue knowing that Jimmie would have to knock a hole in the wall. After three holes, the “cat”—actually a 4 week old kitten was finally located in a very narrow space about 6 feet below the crawl space. Apparently a mother cat had given birth to the kitten and at some point the kitten had managed to fall 6 feet or more down the wall from the crawl space! Here is this cutie pie who emerged from the wall rather dusty, but none the worse for wear, screaming for food at the top of its lungs!

P.S. The mother was outside checking out Hans and Jimmie when they brought the kitten to Jimmie’s truck. Hans is going to get help from the LVVHS to trap the mom so this doesn’t happen again!

3. Sometimes pets take to the streets, and it's up to a veterinarian to nurse them back to health, despite almost unsurmountable odds. Feral cats are such a concern here in Las Vegas and Henderson. We have no idea what the feral cat population is, because unless they are injured or trapped, they often are never seen. They've become the masters of camouflage and have learned to hide. But in this case, one wee fellow was rescued from the streets after injury and got a new lease on life. Once again, thank goodness for foster care volunteers!

In August 2010, Vinny was rescued from the streets with a severely injured leg that had been caught in an air conditioning unit. At only two months old, Vinny almost had to have his leg amputated. Instead, Dr. Henderson of Sunrise Veterinary Clinic performed surgery, expertly inserting a pin into Vinny's leg. For Vinny's leg to heal properly, he had to stay at Sunrise for six weeks before being released into foster care where he had to remain in a large puppy crate with supervised, limited play time only, while his leg healed.

Two weeks later, Dr. Henderson removed the pin, and one week after that, Vinny was given a health clearance. Vinny runs and plays like any other kitten and has put his traumatic ordeal behind him. In fact, within one hour of Vinny being at a LVVHS weekend adoption event, Vinny found his forever home with parents who love him and a cat sibling at home waiting to meet him!

4. Pets and children don't always get along. Both are unpredictable and you often fear that your cat or dog will harm your toddler. Unfortunately, in this case, the toddler was the one who did irreparable damage to this kitten. Personally, I found this case horrifying, even after working with children for 25 years. Rule of thumb: supervise your children around your pets, for both their sakes! This was not the first pet, I am sure, to almost be stomped to death. Please consider taking in a special needs pet if you have the resources and room in your heart.

In In July 2009, Jello was rushed to Sunrise Veterinary Clinic where Dr. Henderson provided emergency medical treatment to save Jello's life. At only two months old, Jello was near death. A woman left Jello alone with her toddler, and without supervision, the toddler stomped Jello nearly to death. Jello immediately began convulsing; having seizures and the head trauma was so severe that Jello went into a coma.

She spent the next six months living at Sunrise requiring constant monitoring and treatment for seizures. Jello recovered enough to be released into foster care where she experienced being a care free kitten for the first time! After suffering a near fatal brain injury, Jello never grew larger than 4.5 lbs and will always be considered special needs. She has since been adopted into a home with loving parents and a cat sister and brother. Jello is finally home where she will be safe forever.

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