Lost & Found Friday - April 26: preventative measures

Lost & Found Friday - April 26: preventative measures

FOUND: Norfolk Terrier, Canton

The list of lost pets is growing daily. Although some of the pets reported in earlier columns have been reunited with their owners, dozens more have gone missing. During the past four weeks, the Cleveland Pet Examiner has shared some good tips* on how to find a missing pet, but you may be wondering how to avoid losing a pet in the first place. Further down in this article you'll find some tips for preventative measures.

Please be sure to view the photos and details here of missing pets and pets that have been found who want to be reunited with their families. If you see a pet is missing from your area, please keep an eye out, and please share with your friends.

Don't miss the tips for finding your lost pet in earlier columns, such as what information to include on posters and notices, and where to hang them; how to catch a loose dog, and why it’s important to visit the local animal control, city pound and local rescues in person.

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Today’s Tip: how to avoid losing your pet

  1. Spay or neuter your pet. Believe it or not, 8 out of 10 animals currently listed on the Lost & Found Ohio Pets Facebook page are unaltered animals. It’s a fact that pets that are not spayed or neutered are much more likely to roam or run away. They want to answer the call of nature: but in a country where 4 million healthy animals are killed in shelters every year, it is simply irresponsible not to spay/neuter.
  2. Never leave your pet unattended in the yard or in the car. Leaving a pet unattended makes her an easy target for thieves. People who steal pets don’t normally steal them because they want to keep them. They steal them to make money from them. Stolen pets might be bred, sold to class B dealers who sell them to laboratories, sold for profit, or used to blood fighting dogs. Don’t let your pet be an easy target – her safety is your responsibility!
  3. Microchip your pet. A microchip is about the size of a grain of rice and it is inserted under the pet’s skin. Many rescue organizations and veterinarians will microchip your pet for you. The chip is registered with an ID number and if your pet goes missing, she can be scanned by animal control to find out where she belongs.
  4. Your pet should have a collar with an identification tag and a license. This is not as effective as microchipping, because a lost pet can get snagged by the collar and slip out of it. A collar can come loose. Tags can fall off. Tags can become unreadable. The information on them can become obsolete if you move or change your phone number. Always make sure your pet’s tags are readable and that they have list two phone numbers (with area code!). An address is also good, but is not as important as phone numbers, it’s more important that the person who finds your pet can reach you by phone immediately. If your dog has a lot of tags that rub against each other and compromise the engraving, purchase a collar with the phone number printed or woven into it. License your dog in your county! It's Ohio law and sometimes it is a pet's ticket home!
  5. Invest in good fences, good gates, good windows, doors, and latches.
  6. Take pictures of your pets. Know where you have them stored so if you have to make posters you’ll have them.

Please check the lost and found list every Friday here in the Cleveland Pets column and share it with others that you think may be able to help or network the information.

Contact: [email protected] or Lost & Found Ohio Pets if you know that one of this week’s lost pets has been reunited with family.

Lost & Found Friday is a service of Lost & Found Ohio Pets and The Cleveland Pets Examiner.

If you have lost your pet or found a stray animal, please contact the Cleveland Pets Examiner or Lost & Found Ohio Pets with all of the information. The more information the better; date missing, area last seen, pet’s name – age – breed – and other distinguishing characteristics, contact information and a photo.

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FOUND: Norfolk Terrier, Canton

Lost & Found Friday - April 26: preventative measures
FOUND: Norfolk Terrier, Canton Urgent Ohio Dogs

FOUND: April 23, Stark County. Will become available for adoption on 4/27.Norfolk Terrier: An adoptable dog in Canton, OH
Small • Young • Male

Do you know this dog or who he belongs to? Contact them right away because he only has a few days to make it back home to his owners. After stray hold he will be put up for adoption at Stark County Animal Control. 330-451-2343

LOST: "Bo" Hardin County

Lost & Found Friday - April 26: preventative measures
LOST: "Bo" Hardin County Karen White

LOST: April 15, Hardin Cty. (click photo for details) "Bo" is a male Yorkie. Call or Text: 567-204-7904

Our yorkie has went missing. He was last seen with a chocolate lab. He goes by the name Bo. He was recently groomed so he currently has short hair. He also has a missing tooth on the bottom row.

FOUND: Chihuahua mix, Austintown

Lost & Found Friday - April 26: preventative measures
FOUND: Chihuahua mix, Austintown Bob Hoffmaster

FOUND: April 22, Austintown in Mahoning County.

This little Chihuahua mix was found on Burkey Rd. in Austintown. Please contact: Dave at 716-474-7165

LOST: "Archi", Canton

Lost & Found Friday - April 26: preventative measures
LOST: "Archi", Canton Bernadette Ayers

*UPDATE 5/1 * Archi has been found at a local pound. The pound and the owner have been put into contact with one another.

LOST: April 20, Stark County. (click photo for details) "Archi" male yellow lab/mix? somehow made it out of his fenced in back yard. Call or text Bernie: 330 754 5005.

PLEASE HELP! Archi somehow made it out of our fenced in back yard this morning. He goes on regular walks and runs with us thru the neighborhood but we cannot find him. We have walked the neighborhood calling to him to no avail. It is so cold out tonight I am so afraid for him. I just want him back in my arms. Please, if you see him, call or text me (Bernie) at 330 754 5005. We just want him back!

FOUND: border collie mix, Warren

Lost & Found Friday - April 26: preventative measures
FOUND: border collie mix, Warren Kim Myers

Found: Warren, Oh. Female black and white dog with a collar and no tags. Contact location is now the Trumbull County Pound dog warden on Anderson in Howland.

Warren, Ohio friends - Does anyone recognize this dog? My parents found her on their front porch this morning. She has a collar, but no tags, and is super sweet. Please pass along the message! Contact: Trumbull pound 330-675-2787

LOST: "Goliath", Carroll County

Lost & Found Friday - April 26: preventative measures
LOST: "Goliath", Carroll County Friends of Carroll Cty Dog Pound

LOST: Friday, April 19th male Brindle Boxer named Goliath. Wearing a bright orange collar with the family address and phone number. Went missing on Atigua rd. and was spotted on Rt. 39 going towards Dellroy. If seen message Jon Beatty, Friends of Carroll County Dog Pound 330-627-4244.

FOUND: shepherd mix, Willoughby

Lost & Found Friday - April 26: preventative measures
FOUND: shepherd mix, Willoughby Willoughby Police Dept.

FOUND: April 21: Lake County (click photo for details) Male Shepherd mix picked up in Willoughby by Osborne Park. Taken to Lake Cty Dog Warden. Contact: 440-350-2641

LOST: "Trinity", Cleveland

Lost & Found Friday - April 26: preventative measures
LOST: "Trinity", Cleveland Bartels Busack Pet Hospital

LOST: April 19, Cleveland / Cuyahoga Cty "Trinity" female black lab/boxer mix. Contact Nicole: 216-240-0883

Black with white paws, white stomach. Wearing a pink collar. Last seen by Woodway and State Rd.

Lost "Max", Parma

Lost & Found Friday - April 26: preventative measures
Lost "Max", Parma Sylvia Hutchinson Wenman

*UPDATE 4/21 STILL MISSING* LOST: April 11, Parma / Cuyahoga County. "Max" is a long haired Daschund. He is missing his left eye. Contact: 216-741-3185 or 216-702-0283 or 216-272-0632.

LOST: "Clancy", Springfield Township

Lost & Found Friday - April 26: preventative measures
LOST: "Clancy", Springfield Township Trisha Yost

Lost: Springfield Twp., OH. near the Canton Rd./Killian Rd. intersection, since April 2nd. Clancy is a male cat with one missing ear. Contact Trisha Yost 330-715-8796 or [email protected]

LOST: "Stella", Stow/Hudson/Kent

Lost & Found Friday - April 26: preventative measures
LOST: "Stella", Stow/Hudson/Kent Julie Parenti Armstrong

LOST: March 29, STOW. *UPDATE 4/20 STILL MISSING* owner said a customer at Pet Supplies Plus reported finding an Italian Greyhound a few days after she went missing, so it is believed that someone has her. "Stella" is a female fawn colored Italian greyhound - she was a new rescue and didn't know her name yet. Wearing a pink collar with phone # and address heading toward Stow Rd.

Any information would be appreciated. Please call with any information or sightings at 330-715-5582.

Lost "Sam", Massillon

Lost & Found Friday - April 26: preventative measures
Lost "Sam", Massillon L&F Ohio Pets

*UPDATE, 4/30 Sam has been found and is home safe!*

LOST: April 15, Massillon. (click photo for details) "Sam" is a 4-yr-old male shih-tzu. Wearing a collar but no tags. Contact: 330-268-7314.

FOUND: brown/white pit bull, Arcadia

Lost & Found Friday - April 26: preventative measures
FOUND: brown/white pit bull, Arcadia Findlay OH L&F Pets

FOUND: April 13, Arcadia. Brown pit bull with white socks. Still dragging a leash.

Contact: https://www.facebook.com/MeganMayJames

ARCADIA AREA: This male dog was found near CR 330 outside of Arcadia. No tags, still had leash. Please comment on here if this is your dog or you know who he belongs to until I get more info. Thanks!

FOUND: brown/white mix, Findlay

Lost & Found Friday - April 26: preventative measures
FOUND: brown/white mix, Findlay Findlay OH L&F Pets

Is this your dog or anyone recognize it? No collar or tags. This little dog appears to be a puggle, or perhaps a doxie mix or Chihuahua mix. Contact: [email protected]

LOST: "Loci", Columbus

Lost & Found Friday - April 26: preventative measures
LOST: "Loci", Columbus Missing PETS of Butler & Surrounding Counties, OHIO

LOST: April 10, Columbus / Franklin Cty. "Loci". Contact: 6143521843 missing from the cherry creek sub division.

He got out and when i went to get him m dog chased him and we haven't seen him since.
He is my heart and one of the first animals i saved! He is missing in Columbus, OH in the cherry creek sub division.

Loci is not chipped but neutered and utd on shots. His black is darker but in the light he looks lighter. We have him posted on craigslist and searched and searched i think someone might have him inside which is great but i would really like to get him back.

LOST: "Knox", Cleveland

Lost & Found Friday - April 26: preventative measures
LOST: "Knox", Cleveland Meredith McFarland

LOST: March 17, Cleveland / Cuyahoga County. "Knox" is a 6-yr old female bulldog. About 40 pounds, all white except for light fawn freckles on back and brown spots on thighs and belly. No collar. Contact: [email protected]

LOST: "Marley", Akron

Lost & Found Friday - April 26: preventative measures
LOST: "Marley", Akron Katherine Kiser-Nave

LOST: April 5, West Akron / Summit County. * UPDATE 4/18, STILL MISSING * "Marley" male Australian Shepherd Mix, medium length fur and curled tail. Contact Amber at 330-255-8887.