Lisandra, a special angel in need

Lisandra, a special angel in need

Lisandra needs an angel.

Angels Among Us Pet Rescue, based in Atlanta, Georgia, has been known to come to the rescue of some animals in very poor shape. Old, young, big or small – Angels Among Us does not discriminate. Relying solely on donations from generous souls who follow the rescue on social media, Angels Among Us will strive to save a pet no matter how much it might cost to rehabilitate that animal. Lisandra is the perfect example of this. She is not the first special rescue case for Angels Among Us, and will most certainly not be the last, but her condition is noted as a first for the rescue.

Lisandra, a two year old, 45-pound Shepherd mix, was pulled from a rural, high-kill shelter – something that is unfortunately very common in the South. She had little to no chance of making it out alive. But then in walked a leading member of Angels Among Us Pet Rescue, who fell for Lisandra’s big beautiful eyes and sweet smile. Lisandra was saved, but that was only the beginning of her journey to recovery.

You see, Lisandra had a broken femur. The damage done was irrevocable, and so the veterinary specialists working with Angels Among Us felt it best to amputate her leg. While she was under anesthesia for the amputation, they planned to also go ahead and perform her spay, as well. But a startling discovery was made: Lisandra is pregnant. Now, Lisandra will be recovering from her leg amputation, while also going through pregnancy and eventually delivery.

This scenario might seem overwhelming to some, but the volunteers at Angels Among Us Pet Rescue did not think twice. They immediately went to work trying to raise funds for this poor girl, and to find a true angel of a foster who could bring her safely through all that lay ahead.

If you can help in any way, big or small, it would be much appreciated. Go to to donate, fill out a foster application, or to pre-adopt this beautiful, miracle girl.

Rescue one, until there are none.