Lickety Stik Healthy Treat for the Dogs

Lickety Stik Healthy Treat for the Dogs
Healthy Liquid Dog Treat

Lickety Stik!

Looking for an easy to use at home or on the go treat for your favorite furry friend that just happens to have the extra bonus of being healthy?

Pet parents know how much their dog/s like their treats, be it that something special you offer in their day or upon your homecoming after being away or perhaps for training and coxing purposes.

Treats have a special meaning for your dog/s more than you can imagine. It allows for a change it their perhaps hum drum diet, or it allows them to show off their skills in return for that moment of pure pleasure. Think of it as a gift and who does not like getting a gift!

The treats you choose are as important as the diet you feed, if you are feeding a healthy optimal diet, the treat requirement should follow.

If you are not concerned with the quality of the treats you throw their way, you are making a big mistake. Many of the pet food recalls include treats, many of the emergency vet visits are due to treats. Ingredients are priority.

You must be aware of your options, I always say if you won’t eat it neither should they. Note: The wrong treat or too much of a good thing can also be filled with calories and put some pounds where you don’t want them which affects their wellbeing. You can’t always be the good guy; you have to know when to say no more.

When traveling, out to the dog park for the day, at a friends or social function, it is not always easy to load dog treats in your small bag or pocket. They are bulky or messy. There is a solution for this and it is called “Lickety Stik”

Healthy and Convenient:

A 1.68 fluid ounce bottle, with a flavor dispensing roller- ball top allows for a mess-free liquid treat that pet parents can store and carry in the glove compartment, back pocket or purse for convenient on-the-spot treating.

Just screw off the top, no matter where you are and let them lick away. (500 licks per bottle) for only about $7.99.

Pets are able to enjoy an incredibly tasty reward with a fraction of the calories found in other conventional dog biscuits and treats. There is just one calorie in every ten licks!


100% all-natural ingredients that supports a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Picky Pet: Lots of flavors to choose from: Beef Burger, Peanut Butter and Sharp Cheese Savory Chicken, Braised Liver and Smokey Bacon.

They are sure to love one of them!

Since the Lickety Stik’s debut in September of 2011, this unique line of treats has gained popularity among parents and pets. The line of liquid treats was even hailed on ABC-TV’s “Good Morning America” for its innovative and health-conscious concept by Dr. Marty Becker,’s resident veterinarian.

Available exclusively at independent pet specialty retailers, PetSmart, Petco, Pet Supplies Plus and online merchants.

Take a look:

Great, Innovative, Convenient Solutions that adds just a bit of extra flavor to your dog’s day

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About PetSafe®

PetSafe leads the industry in the development of innovative pet behavior, containment, lifestyle product solutions and services. The company has built its reputation on the knowledge that pets are part of the family. PetSafe is also a company of over 400 pet lovers. Every day at their Knoxville, Tennessee headquarters is “bring your dog to work day.”

PetSafe debuted in 1991 with a single product – the In-Ground Radio Fence. Today, the firm provides a wealth of opportunities to help pet parents keep their pets safe, healthy and happy, from remote training products and pet doors to pet feeders and underground fences. And now, with the introduction of Lickety Stik, the company is establishing an entirely new category of treats.

Thank you PetSafe for caring about the well being of the animals.

(Information provided by Ashlee Gonigam/Matrix Partners

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