Last of Spindletop raid dogs need rescue

Last of Spindletop raid dogs need rescue
Refugees at Montgomery County Animal Shelter

Conroe, TX: July 17 yielded one of the biggest dog raids in United States history. Montgomery County was not equipped to take on a seizure of this magnitude. Montgomery County with the help of the Humane Society of the United States, Red Rover, Animal Farm Foundation and local organizations and volunteers quickly put together an emergency animal shelter to house the 298 seized dogs (mostly pit bulls) at the county fairgrounds.

Over the next weeks and months, an amazing amount of these dogs were reunited with rescuers and private individuals who had entrusted their dogs for rehab at the former refuge. Other qualified rescue organizations stepped forward to save other refugees from the massive raid.

After 30 days, the emergency shelter was closed and the remaining dogs were taken to Montgomery County Animal Shelter where they have been cared for while awaiting placement. This effort has been a first of its kind and should be a template for all shelters and animal organizations to follow. What Montgomery County and its partners have exhibited in the face of disaster has been nothing short of miraculous.

Constable Tim Holifield does not want any of these dogs to fall through the cracks of the system. Realizing that each of these dogs has been through huge trauma, Holifield and his partners have pledged to find qualified rescue for each of these dogs.

Holifield told the American Pit Bull Examiner, "I am in awe of the outpouring of support for these animals, the volunteers and groups who worked together to help these animals not worrying about fame, credit or accolades. As always I would like to call attention to the thousands of dogs and cats that end up in our own Montgomery County Animal Shelter through no fault because of irresponsible pet owners."

With average shelters facing crisis mode every day forced to euthanize over 4 million animals a year, the prospects for the leftover dogs was dim. Rather than give up, these folks are committed to saving every dog. Few shelters can make this claim in today's overwhelming pet populated climate.

The shelter will only consider 501©(3) credentialed rescue groups for adoption. The dogs are not listed on the shelter's pet harbor website specifically for this reason.

These dogs have been evaluated and temperament tested. The same handlers have cared for these dogs since the raid, throughout the holding period at the fairgrounds and even at the shelter. In fact, the dedicated volunteers and handlers know these dogs backwards and forwards.

Please consider sharing the story of the last Spindletop dogs with your local rescue to help them find a qualified group.

Adds Holifield, " Every one of these animals deserve a forever home and I would ask all who are considering a new pet to please consider adoption."

Please visit Montgomery County Animal Shelter online:

Montgomery County Animal Shelter Facebook page:

Montgomery County Animal Shelter

8535 State Hwy 242

Conroe, Texas 77385

Phone: 936-442-7738 (Select Option 2 for Animal Control)

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