Kitty Litter Liners to the Rescue

Kitty Litter Liners to the Rescue
Kitty Litter Liner Solution

Kitty Litter Liner Solution

Litter Liners to Love
Imperial Cat simplifies litter woes with
new Neat 'n Tidy® sifting litter box liners

A tidy kitty is a happy kitty.

You cat owners out there know what a challenge it can be to keep kitty happy about going in their box!

And we want to keep kitty happy

A new solution has hit the kitty scene and I suggest you take a look at it.

Imperial Cat introduces Neat’n Tidy sifting litter box liners

This innovative product includes 28 perforated liners - about a month's supply for daily changes - that neatly stack inside the litter pan. Simply pour your favorite clumping litter on top of the clean liners for kitty to do his business. When it's time to "scoop" simply lift the top liner up and the clean litter will naturally pass through the slots. Dirty or used litter will be disposed of with the expelled liner. Plus each pack comes with a solid sheet to protect the litter box from messes. No more tedious bending or stinky scooping, just a clean litter box and more time to enjoy with your kitty.

Kristie Hamilton, the Sales and Marketing Manager at Imperial Cat comments, "Neat 'n Tidy is just another way for feline households to keep the focus on enjoying their pet, not cleaning up after them." In fact, using Neat 'n Tidy liners can extend the life of your litter by 50%. So you're not only simplifying litter box duty, you're simplifying your shopping list, because you won't have to lug heavy bags of litter home as often. Talk about more bang for your kitty buck!

Measuring 38 by 36 inches, these feline-fantastic liners fit most regular and hooded litter pans. And just like most Imperial Cat products, Neat 'n Tidy liners are made in the USA and encourage the happy, active lifestyle of an Imperial Cat. Visit to find a retailer near you.

We love easy green and clean when it comes to our clean up..go take a look for yourself and see if it makes kitty litter life just a bit easier.

Information provided by Ashlee Gonigam | Matrix Partners

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