Kitty Litter Drive launched by Pet Valu to benefit shelters in need

Kitty Litter Drive launched by Pet Valu to benefit shelters in need

: A display of kitty litter in the new Pet Valu store in Ridgefield, Connecticut.

Pet Valu has become well known for their dedication to helping rescue groups and animal shelters meet their goals to provide food, shelter and care to homeless animals while they wait for their new permanent homes. The work is never over as long as pets are still in need of homes, food and loving families.

Because the animal shelters are overcrowded, have minimal resources and truly need the support of great community partners like Pet Valu, the company is launching a Kitty Litter Drive. Throughout the month of June, while you are shopping for your pet, purchase an extra bag of litter at any U.S. Pet Valu location and offer it to the donation box located in the store. All kitty litter collected will be picked up by the local shelters at the end of June.

This latest endeavor runs on the heels of the May Canned Food Drive. There is still time to buy that extra can or two of pet food and place it in the donation box at your favorite Pet Valu store. The animals in need will thank you.

For the Pet Valu nearest you, click here. You can also help out no matter where you are by making a monetary donation through a secured PayPal account by clicking here.

Your generosity will go a long way to help support these homeless animals stay healthy and find the homes they deserve. One hundred percent of donations collected will go to support shelters throughout Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Maryland and Virginia.

Pet Valu is a specialty retailer that sells high quality pet supplies at reasonable prices. The company sells premium pet foods, toys and accessories in more than 500 stores in the United States and Canada. In addition to their products, you'll also find extensive information on pet nutrition, fitness, and overall wellness on their website.

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