Keeping your Spokane cat from clawing furniture

Keeping your Spokane cat from clawing furniture
A few extra steps

Cats are wonderful creations and many residents of Spokane will attest to this fact. Though cats are very angelic, they are not perfect angels and one of their flaws has to do with their claws and their owner’s furniture. This habit however can be stopped with a few easy steps.

You will need a good quality scratching post, cat food, a cat scratchier, cat toys, cat treats and catnip.

Cats scratch to stake claim to their territory, whet their claws and stretch their muscles. Here's how to help your cat rein in the inclination--or at least readdress it away from the furniture.

Supply scratching posts and situate them in locations where your cat likes to hang around, such as a sunny window.

Try out a few, different types of posts to find out which works best for your feline.

Take into account that different cats like different surface textures, the standard being cardboard, wood or rugs and placement orientations--horizontal or vertical.
Persuade kittens to use posts, and reward them with food, love, and praise.

Think about giving your cat extra attention whenever she/he awakens from a nap; and then putting her/him near the scratching post; because many scratch when waking up.
Shun punishing your cat if she/he scratches an unsuitable area. Chastisement teaches the cat to not scratch in your presence, but it won't prevent a cat from scratching when you're not around.

Steer clear of letting your cat scratch an old sofa, even if you plan to get rid of it tomorrow. This will only persuade your cat to scratch the new sofa.
Check with your veterinarian about new treatment options before you give up.

Destructive behavior is one of the main reasons people surrender their cats to animal shelters and it needn’t be so. A few extra steps is all it takes.