Keeping pets warm inside when your heater fails

Keeping pets warm inside when your heater fails

Keep your pets warm inside by covering them with blankets.

You've heeded the warnings about the polar vortex and all your pets are inside where they should be. But just when you think you and your family are safe from the negative temperatures, your main source of heat fails. Inevitably in severely cold weather, pipes burst, furnaces fail, electricity goes out or you find yourself with an empty oil tank. How do you keep warm while waiting for your main source of heat to be fixed?

Fireplaces, Space Heaters, Candles, Stoves and Do-It-Yourself Items
Help keep your residence comfortable with the use of your fireplace. A beautiful fire in the fireplace is not just for ambiance; it will help keep the temperature up in your home. Likewise, a wood or pellet stove can radiate a fair amount of heat. Keep the area safe from your inquisitive pets but be rest assured they will park themselves right in front of the heat maker.

Space heaters will help keep the temperatures up in your home as well. Be careful not to overload your circuit breakers as space heaters can generate quite a bit of electricity. Always keep a close watch on your space heaters and do not place them any where near flammable objects. Watch your pets around them as well so the heater doesn't get knocked over. Follow space heater safety rules.

While candles won't bring the temperature of your house up by much, and they are a fire hazard, they will create an environment that appears cozy and warm. Keep candles out of reach of wagging tails. They are not recommended for homes with cats. Never leave candles unattended.

Turn your oven on. Whether you decide to cook up a storm or just turn it on to generate heat, a hot oven will quickly warm up your home. Many experts warn against using this method due to the increased risk of fire and carbon monoxide poisoning of gas stoves. However, having your oven on for a few hours is no different than if you were cooking or baking. Should you decide to leave the oven door open, be sure to have a working carbon monoxide detector nearby and keep your pets away from the oven. Never use the stove top for anything other than cooking and never leave the stove unattended.

Check out some do-it-yourself emergency heaters such as the clay pots and tea candles. This particular model will add warmth to an immediate area. Keep pets away as the clay pots get hot and never leave the candles unattended.

Bundle Up
It goes without saying but wear multiple layers of clothing. Dress your pets in sweaters or sweatshirts. If your pet doesn't have a sweater, use one of your old sweatshirts but make sure it is large enough for them to be comfortable moving around. Use lots of blankets. Cuddle up on the couch and snuggle underneath a bunch of blankets or comforters. Make sure your pets' beds have plenty of blankets and cover them up when they're snoozing. Fleece blankets help generate more body heat than a cotton blanket.

Drink Something Hot
When people are cold they reach for coffee, tea or hot chocolate. It's not that different for your pet. Warm up some broth or serve them some heated food such as chicken and rice. Heat up their dry kibble with some hot water so they can have a warm meal, or heat up their canned food. Always test the temperature of the food or drink to make sure it is not too hot to serve your pet.

Heat up sweaters, sweatshirts and blankets in the dryer. Keep an electric blanket on the bed and spoil your pets by letting them sleep with you, so you can all remain warm throughout the night.

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