Keep kitty hydrated during triple digit weather

Keep kitty hydrated during triple digit weather

I'll be needing mor water

With temperatures slated for triple digits this week, Spokane cat owners are preparing to keep their beloved feline well hydrated...

It is imperative to keep your cat's water bowl filled, with fresh water, full of flavor. This way, he/she is even more likely to drink all he/she needs . And that's essential because getting your cat to drink more water is the single most important thing you can do to help keep them strong and healthy.
Have an extra bowl of water available for kitty as well. A tiny cat can drink a surprising amount of water when it’s hot; just like you. Some cat owners even place a few ice cubes in the cat’s water bowl so the water is nice and cool.

One cat lover rubs an ice cube down her cats backs and can tell just by the pleased look on the feline’s face coupled with purrs of positive reception that it is very much appreciat4ed.

There are also cat fountains you can purchase at your local pet store or on line as well. They are a nice alternative to the toilet bowl. Cats are very resourceful as you well know.

When you adopt a cat, you have a big responsibility to keep him/her healthy, comfortable and safe. Your cat depends on you and it takes so little effort to make sure he/she has the best quality life possible. Cats give back plenty in return; they are certainly entertaining and have lots of love to give back in their own catly way.