Is your pet ready for an emergency?

Is your pet ready for an emergency?

What supplies are recommended in a pet emergency kit for other pets?

The balmy fall days are lulling all into thinking winter’s cold treachery will never arrive. But it will, and in many cases, it will blow in and cause disasters body wants. In the northern areas, blizzards can block travel and bring ice. In the milder regions ice is still an issue, along with thunderstorms, and even hail, tornadoes and more. All weather and other disasters cause power outages and block access from normal life needs, even involving care of precious pets. Be sure to have an emergency pet kit packed, and a plan in place and ready to go just in case of disaster.

Is your pet ready for an emergency?

Prepare a pet emergency kit.

Assembling a pet emergency kit isn’t very time consuming and mostly involves common sense. FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Association) suggests consideration of these tips when planning for pet care in an emergency:

1. Prepare a pet emergency kit. Item to include may be:

• At least there days of food. Make sure it is sealed in an airtight and water tight container. If cans, be sure to include an opener and a bowl.

• Three days of water for your pet’s needs in additional to the human needs. Add a bowl.

• Your pet’s medicines and medical records if needed. Seal in air and waterproof container.

• A pet first aid kit. Ask your vet if your pet has any special first aid needs. The Humane Society of the US has an exhaustive list of items but basically include medical records, medications, and items you would put in a human first aid kit. A pet carrier is also a great idea since many animals panic under stress. Dogs may need a muzzle and an extra leash. Check the supplies periodically to make sure none have expired.

• A collar with ID information. Note if your pet has been microchipped since this will aid reuniting you with a lost pet.

• Sanitation items which can include cate litter and pan, towels, pet bath items, and more water.

• A labeled picture of you and your pet(s) together. This will also aid in reuniting pets and owners.

• Items your pet is familiar with such as toys and bedding.

2. Emergency action can save your pet and eliminate worry.

• Plan an elimination drill. Practice who will take which pet(s), who will grab the kit, where to meet, etc. Run through the drill just in case so you will be familiar with the involved steps.

• Develop a buddy system with a neighbor or someone close by. Either of you may need to help the other in a unilateral event.

• Find a vet in a likely destination where you would go in an emergency. Have that address and phone number in your contacts.

• Get “Pet Inside” stickers to place on windows so emergency workers will know a pet may be trapped in a building.

• Talk to your vet about any additional specifics for your pet.

Consider assembling a second emergency kit to keep in your vehicle at all times, especially if your pet has special needs. In an emergency, stay calm since many pets pick up on the emotional state of their owners. Some commercial kits are available for purchase such as this one.

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