Internet Cat Film Festival comes to Chicago in October

Internet Cat Film Festival comes to Chicago in October

Lil Bub is one of the famous Internet cats who appeared at the Internet Cat Film Festival in Minneapolis.

It's common knowledge now that cats rule the Internet, and there are even a ton of theories as to why. Scott Stulen, a curator at the Walker Arts Center in Minneapolis, noticed just how much of a phenomenon this was back in early 2012, causing him to dream about an Internet Cat Film Festival, which was not only realized, but has attracted international attention and acclaim.

It's not just for watching videos of cats, either. Travis Rand Greenwood, a community member and contributor to Buzzfeed, listed 60 things he learned from the second annual festival held at the Minnesota State Fair in August 2013. Among those things were:

  • You don't mess with Keyboard Cat, because he's got people.
  • Nyan Cat is popular enough that people wear costumes and t-shirts featuring this Pop-Tart-wearing, flying cat.
  • There are people who actually carve cats out of huge blocks of butter.
  • Cosplay featuring other memes, such as Roomba Shark Cat, is not uncommon.
  • Lil' Bub, who made an appearance at last year's festival, is a massive cuddle threat.
  • That the festival attracts cat people from all over, who are not ashamed to show their love of cats.
  • And that Grumpy Cat is just as thrilled about the festival as she is about everything else (read: nope!).

The festival drew 10,000 people to Minneapolis in August 2012, and Stulen was rather surprised at its popularity. They received 5,000 nominations for videos in one week, and Stulen said the whole thing ended up "exceeding our wildest expectations."

The film festival will be coming to the Irish-American Heritage Center, at 4626 N. Knox Avenue, which is just east of the Edens Expressway and north of the Edens-Kennedy junction. There are five shows slated for Saturday, Oct. 19, beginning at noon. Tickets are available here, and more information is available on their Facebook page.