Incidents of rabies increasing

Incidents of rabies increasing
All pets, including indoor-only pets, should have their rabies vacinations.

The number of cases of rabies in Oklahoma is almost double the amount for the same period of time last year. Because of this, veterinarians are advising pet owners to be careful.

KWTV Channel 9 News in Oklahoma City also reported on July 6 there have been 54 cases of rabies in Oklahoma. Those cases have been confirmed in 34 counties throughout the Sooner State.

“Having all of your animals vaccinated is the only way to prevent rabies,” Sally Rogers, a former veterinary technician from Oklahoma City, said. “Horses, cattle and indoor pets should all be vaccinated for rabies.”

Rabies is mostly spread by saliva. Any cut or scrape will let the rabies virus invade the body. All pet owners are being warned to watch for rabies in their pets.

“Even indoor-only pets are at risk,” Rogers continued. “A rabid mouse can infect your pets. It is a concern for everyone.

There are several animal shelters and rescues that offer low-cost and, sometimes, free rabies vaccinations. Call (405) 947-SPAY for more information.