HWAC to celebrate Friday their 3rd Annual Ken-BARK-y Derby

HWAC to celebrate Friday their 3rd Annual Ken-BARK-y Derby

Photos of last year's event featuring all the fun to be had.

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Beginning tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. sharp, Helen Woodward Animal Center (HWAC) will celebrate its 3rd Annual Ken-BARK-y Derby “Run with the Noses” event. Twenty-one featured orphaned pups will be the center of attention throughout the day.

No one could do this day like HWAC does! They have invited the entire community to attend and would love to have even more people present. The kickoff event begins at 9:00 while the grand finale race will begin promptly at 11:00 a.m. at HWAC’s Paddocks Arena, located at 6461 El Apajo Road in Rancho Santa Fe, CA 92067. People from all over will be present for the start of this great event. Kids will be donning home-made “spectator hats.”

Snacks, the Mini Horse (of course!) will be present at this adorable spectacle this year. She will go about picking her favorite to win the Ken-BARK-y event. For the first time, a horse will do her own wagering on a favorite for the Ken-Barky Derby win! You are invited to see Snacks the Mini Horse select a numbered carrot to signal her pick for winner of this year’s race!

Best of all, potential adopters will be there to root on their favorite pups. The pups will all win if they are all lucky enough to get adopted!

Right at this very moment, the 21 available “gelding” and “filly” orphan puppies (bearing the names of contending Derby Horses) are prepping to go nose-to-nose tomorrow at Helen Woodward Animal Center’s 3rd Annual Ken-Barky Derby Event. The pups are not the only ones preparing, however.

Seventy-five schoolchildren from Solana Santa Fe Elementary will also prepare by making their “spectator” hats and derby fan signs. Displaying their spirit symbols, the children will be there tomorrow to cheer on their furry-favorites from the “starting gates” right up until the pups make their way into the arms of their loving forever families.

Each adopter of a Ken-Barky Derby Puppy will be automatically entered to win a Ken-Barky Derby, rose-themed gift basket and a “gold cup” pet bowl. A prize will be awarded for Best Animal-Themed Derby hat too!

Tomorrow’s full schedule will go like this:

· 9:00am Schoolchildren from Solana Santa Fe “spectator” hat-making & fan sign-making

· 10:15am Contenders prep in their “Derby stalls” surrounding the racetrack

· 10:30am Animal Trainer Rob Kuty gives Derby coaches tips for the race.

· 10:40am Ken-Barky Derby contenders pre-parade while “My Old Kentucky Home” plays

· 10:50am Mini horses pick their favorites in the race!

· 11:00am Bugle call and the Ken-Barky Derby race gates are opened – THEY’RE OFF!

· 11:15am Winner’s Circle announcements for top racers and Best Theme Hat!

Hope you will be able to attend. The 21 lucky pups will be there in hopes of being adopted while the community will be there to support the great efforts of Helen Woodward Animal Center. It promises to be a great day had by all!