Hudson and other Chicago rescue stories

Hudson and other Chicago rescue stories
Hudson was rescued a week ago and is recovering from his injuries.

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The past week was a difficult week in Chicago’s animal welfare community. The story of Hudson – the puppy used as a bait dog and then burned with chemicals – got a lot of attention. However, there were several other stories just as heartbreaking that also need some attention. Their stories are below along with links where you can help pitch in for their medical treatments.

Update on Hudson

It’s been a week since this bloody, severely injured dog came into the care of Trio Animal Foundation and Project Rescue Chicago (see the two earlier stories here and here). The good news is that this little guy has made a remarkable recovery and is doing well as of today.

The slideshow features two more recent pictures that show how far he’s come in a week. He’s doing so well as of this weekend that the veterinarians are considering cutting his facial scrubs for his burns down to once a day instead of two. He’s also showing lots of love to his rescuers as well. He’ll remain in isolation one more week to make sure he’s not contracted parvo.


Hudson wasn’t the only animal with severe burns rescued in Chicago this week. Buttercream the cat landed at CACC with an extensive chemical burn on his back. He’s around five-years-old and is in desperate need of rescue and medical care. A chip-in account has been set up to pull in donations and this will go to the rescue that comes to his aid. So far over $525 has been raised to go for his medical treatment. A rescue does need to come forward to take in Buttercream.


Sasha is another victim of cruelty. Her previous owner pulled out some of her claws. Her future already looks brighter because she was pulled by Famous Fido last week and is in their tender care while she recovers and starts looking for a home. Despite all she’s been through, she’s good with kids and cat friendly dogs. Donations are being accepted on Famous Fido’s website.


Another kitty – Toes – came into the care of CACC in recent days. His previous owners had used pliers to pull out his toes. He’s being cared for by Friends of Chicago Animal Care and Control and is looking for a new name as well. Donations are being accepted online. He’ s not out of the woods yet and needs lots of TLC.


Dorothy is a sweet, long-haired senior lady that has not done well since arriving at the shelter and isn’t eating. Famous Fido has taken her under their care as well and are fundraising on her behalf.

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