HSUS offers $5,000 reward for arrest of culprit who duct taped dog's face

The desperate and scared face of a suffering, defenseless dog left tied to a fence Tuesday along West Kentucky Street with his face and muzzle wrapped in duct tape could melt the heart of even the most stoic humane officer. The Louisville Metro Animal Services is investigating the serious animal cruelty case and is asking for the help from the public in finding the person responsible for such a heinous deed.

HSUS offers $5,000 reward for arrest of culprit who duct taped dog's face

The LMAS is calling this an "extremely serious animal cruelty and neglect case" and is asking for the public's help finding the person(s) responsible for Frodo's abuse.

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HSUS offers $5,000 reward for arrest of culprit who duct taped dog's face

Frodo's condition is critical although he is reported to be resting comfortably after surgery. His back leg is scheduled to be amputated on Friday.

According to the Louisville Metro Animal Services Facebook, authorities found the malnourished, male pit bull tied to a fence on the corner of 26th St. and Garland St. His rescuers named him Frodo.

The Arrow Fund, a local humane association providing medical treatment for animals who are the victims of extreme torture and violence, is helping with Frodo's veterinarian expenses. Frodo's condition is reported to be extremely serious; he has multiple bite marks over most of his body. His medical condition on intake was described as follows:

"He did get to eat a little - he is starving and was unable to eat before-due to the condition of his mouth and teeth. He required immediate surgery to re-attach his muzzle and basically sew it back down where it had been ripped up from a bite wound; this also included removing teeth that had been uprooted with bone fragments still attached from his poor mouth. There is an infection in his sinus /nose area."

At the current time, Frodo is being treated with pain medication, IV fluid transfusions, and antibiotics. The plan is to amputate his back leg on Friday.

And through all of this, Frodo is described as extremely affectionate and sweet.

The Humane Society of the United States is offering a $5,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for doing this to Frodo. The organization wants to send a message that animal cruelty and neglect like this will not be tolerated.

“LMAS officers and staff will aggressively pursue every avenue to identify and prosecute those responsible for this act of cruelty,” said LMAS Senior Manager Margaret Brosko. “We will continue to do everything we can to protect Louisville animals and bring them the justice they deserve."

On LMAS' Facebook page, one particular post echoes the sentiments of most people:

"Not only whoever did this is disgusting and intolerable, it is mainly sad. Hard to believe there are people like this in our own neighborhoods. Don't get a dog if you don't plan on loving it like a family member! Hopefully justice will be served, and I pray that Frodo will survive to find his forever home!

If you have any information, please call the LMAS at (502)-363-6609.

Donations are currently needed by the Arrow Fund to help Frodo. More information about the Arrow Fund can be found by clicking here.

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