How to recognize symptoms of common canine illnesses

How to recognize symptoms of common canine illnesses
No one wants to see their best furry friend feeling under the weather!

The last thing you want is for your pet to be sick, not know what the problem is and how to help. Many conditions affecting your dog are the most common troubles that veterinarians face on a daily basis. If you know how to recognize these conditions in your dog, you can help with treatment in its earliest stages. Contact your local Rockford-area veterinarian as listed below or one closest to your home as soon as you notice the symptoms of any of these conditions for treatment advice and care.

One of the most common problems affecting any dog may be diarrhea and vomiting. Diarrhea can be sudden and for a short period of time, with fecal matter watery and sometimes with blood. Many times, the blood is just from irritation of the intestines and anus due to frequent bowel movements. The vomiting can be from illness or just eating something inappropriate, too much or too fast. It could be a major or minor problem. Sometimes the vomiting and diarrhea go hand-in-hand, significant of an intestinal condition.

Skin problems are frequent with dogs. Pyoderma is a bacterial infection of the skin, causing irritation, “dandruff” flakes, redness and sores. The intense itching can cause your dog great discomfort. Other skin conditions include allergies, dermatitis, lumps and bumps. Allergies could be due to fleas, flea bites and saliva. Additional allergens may be environmental and cause itching, redness and hair loss. Lumps and bumps may be a mass that you feel under the skin and could be malignant or benign, a cyst, abscess, hematoma or hives.

Dogs do get obstructions of the stomach and intestines, since most dogs will eat just about anything they see interesting to them. A foreign object can be something that can cause lacerations and trauma to the intestines, esophagus and stomach. Although you may have your home and yard completely pet-proofed, accidents can happen and immediate help is imperative. When bringing your dog to the vet, try to bring in a sample of what your dog ingested for help in determining the problem and treatment.

Ear problems are very common in most dogs, especially those with long floppy ears. The most frequent concern is known as otitis externa or an ear infection. These infections are usually evident with a foul odor coming from the ear, inflammation and drainage.

Cats are more susceptible to urinary tract infections although dogs can be affected as well. A urinary tract infection or UTI is an inflammation of the bladder that is caused by a bacterial infection. It begins in the intestines, ascends to the bladder, from the skin around the anus and proceeds to the urethra and finally affecting the bladder. The most common signs of the infection are frequent urination, straining to urinate, blood in the urine and sudden accidents in the home.

Inflammation of the conjunctiva or conjunctivitis affects your dog’s eyes. This eye disease involves the tissue that coats the eyes and the lining of the eyelids. Common symptoms are eye discharge, redness of the conjunctiva, scratching at the eyes and squinting.

A highly contagious condition is known as Giardia, a protozoan parasite that is found worldwide. The parasite lives in the intestinal tract and can cause infection. Either no symptoms are apparent or may be similar to that of the gastrointestinal tract disorder. Most common symptoms of Giardia are diarrhea and stomach distress.

If your dog exhibits any symptoms of the above mentioned conditions, be sure to contact your local veterinarian for the best treatment options. It is best that your dog not be affected by any of these problems but it does, early detection presents the best prognosis and recovery.

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