How to have a ferret themed Valentine's Day

How to have a ferret themed Valentine's Day
LW's Bello Tino & LW's Bella Trix-Valentine's Day 2011

With the upcoming lovers’ holiday and the exchange of heavenly chocolate goodies and personalized heart shaped confections, how will you shower your pet with your affection? Or maybe you’d like to tell your favorite veterinarian, best friend or shelter operator just how special they are? How about baking your sweetie some ferret shaped cookies? You can find just about anything ferret themed. Some favorites include: ferret bottle stopper, ferret umbrella, embroidered bath towels, ferret freak bumper sticker, ferret car accessories, ferret pen holder and ferret aprons. Have a dog lover AND a ferret fanatic on your list? Your pooch will love sporting this Ferrets Ate My Homework Dog shirt! However you wish to spend this romantic day, remember to keep all your delicious treats away from your ferrets. And let's be real, you don't want to share that scrumptious box of delights anyway.

Café has a wide array of super cute ferret inspired Valentine greeting cards including Call Me Snookums, My Fuzzy Valentine and Single Is GOOD. Running late on time? Head to to send an, albeit cheesy but oh so aw worthy animated E-card. Customize your pet (ah hem, ferret), names and messages. Themes include I Can’t Stop Thinking About You, You’re Out Of This World and Romantic Dinner Invitation.

I just couldn’t resist sending a Valentine Alien gram to some of my favorite shelters and of course the best veterinarian in the world. The Valentine Alien grams come in pink, purple and green. These lovable little plush aliens are a mere $5.00 each and all proceeds benefit a shelter’s veterinary fund. Shipping is included and will include a personalized message of your choice. Contact [email protected] for more information. And if you need a hint on some of the hardest working shelter operators in the area: Ferret Haven of Spokane and North Idaho Ferret Rescue in Hayden. Both of the women who run these shelters could sure use a Valentine pick-me-up. After all, what ferret wouldn’t want a strange, cute alien to cuddle up with on Sweetheart’s Day?

If on this Dia del Carino, or Day of Affection as they refer to it in Guatemala, gift giving is more your style, consider Zucchini Out West (also available on Kindle), sequel to the beloved Zucchini (HarperCollins 1982) written for grade school students, in which the tale is told with portions “from the cheery ferret’s point of view.” If you are looking for a more adult themed gift, consider the steamy romance novel Married by Morning by Lisa Kleypas. As an added bonus, there’s a heroic ferret!

If canoodling on the couch with a special loved one or just want a ferret themed evening, you won’t want to pass up Along Came Polly starring Ben Stiller, Jennifer Aniston and Rodolfo the Ferret. What could be better than an action film, coupled with comedy, romance AND a ferret? Kindergarten Cop with Arnold Schwarzenegger is an absolute must.

Having a professional portrait of your ferret will give you a lasting memory of the special bond you share with your fuzzy. Cunningham Studio and Green Gables Photography in Spokane both offer beautiful settings with your beloved furry family member. Bring out the fancy duds, PETCO on the South Hill will be hosting pet portraits on March 4-6. Call the store directly for more details.

Put on your dancing shoes, tuxedo and diamonds and attend the 3rd Annual Fur Ball and Yappy Hour, silent and live auction, presented by the Whitman County Humane Society on February 19th. Dook Dook!

Whether coupled or single, remember that Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love and affection to those people and pets in your life who bring you happiness and joy. Much love to all!

Ferret Haven of Spokane

Paula Woodland

2411 W. Rowan Ave.

Spokane, WA. 99205

(509) 326-2779

Ferret Rescue of North Idaho

Toni Sumerlin

2680 Grand Tour Dr.

Hayden, ID. 83835

(208) 772-4343