How to brush short haired dogs

How to brush short haired dogs

How to brush short haired dogs

Short haired dog.


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The benefits of brushing your dog are numerous. It pulls out dead hair and skin, reducing scratching and shedding. It is also useful in determining if your pet has any parasites in their fur or irritants such as burrs or sticklers that need to be removed.

Short haired dogs require different tools for brushing than long or medium haired dogs. There are two different types of short haired dogs, the first kind has very short, wiry hair and the second has softer hair that can be up to two inches long. Here is a list of short haired dog breeds. Both types of short haired dogs are groomed the same way using a de-shedding blade.

The most effective way to use a de-shedding blade is to first comb the hair from the head down towards the tail and then work your way from the tail up towards the head, combing against the grain, in other words, combing so that you make the hair stand up, instead of lying down smooth. You don’t want or need to apply very much pressure to the brush when you do this. You’re dog will let you know if you are using too much pressure. You may want to do this task outdoors or in the bathroom where it will be easy to sweep up the hair.

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