How Much is that Doggie in the Window? A New Twist

How Much is that Doggie in the Window? A New Twist
How Much is that Doggie in the Window

Demand that your local pet store house animals!


Let’s Make a Difference!

Let’s Demand that ALL Pet Stores in Los Angeles or wherever you live give Shelter Animals an in-store presence and a chance to find a loving home.

What does this mean?

Recently an individually owned franchise store on the East Coast called “Petland” located at 6401 Penn the Village of Eastside changed it up. This location use to sell puppies and kittens purchased from commercial breeders, but after a number of target animal rights picketers, the new puppy or kitten in the window at Petland will come from local shelters.

The owners are referring to this move as “ASAP” aka “Animal Shelter Adoption Program.” The animals that will now be in their windows, cages or play areas will be animals brought in by the local shelters that need a home. For the larger breeds that cannot live inside the store they will hold weekly rescue events at their location.

This is a real commitment to saving animal lives!

I don’t know about you, but I grew up thinking that when I wanted a dog, a cat or even a bunny rabbit you went to the pet store to shop for one.

I was not aware of the shelters/adoptions/rescue organizations or breeders in those times.

I do not recall any media alerts, advertising, or even seeing rescue events of any kind as a young girl.

Perhaps due to the lack of my families’ awareness of such things, perhaps the numbers of animals in shelters were not what they are today or perhaps there was just not the media presence to alert us of these situations.

What comes to mind is the song “How Much is that Doggie in the Window” sung by Patti Page, if you have not heard the song, check out the u-tube I have attached to this article. It so applies to that generation of thought.

Pet Stores had pets, whether you actually went out shopping for a pet or as you casually walked thru a mall or down the street you always fell in love with the furry face on the other side of the window insisting that they come home with you.

Pet stores had pets and they should but in these times with a New Twist. Their pets should be shelter animals.

Pet Stores need to open their doors, their cages, and their space to an animal in need of a home from a shelter or rescue organization. Even if they only bring in just one animal at a time (due to space restrictions), that is just one more animal that can receive a lot of positive attention and most likely a home. Any size store can fit one animal. The odds of an animal getting a home in a store environment are far greater than counting on someone walking thru a shelter.

This also allows these pets to be in a clean environment, well taken care of, less stress and a lot of attention and visibility which equals “A Home”.

It opens the door to respect from the community which equals “More Business”.

Pet Stores count on us to keep their doors open, to support them, to purchase supplies from them, so we have the right to ask them to support the very same cause they opened their doors for.

The Animals.

It only takes putting the idea out there to make it happen.

So I am asking you, to reach out, give your local stores the idea, write about it, send emails to all of your friends, and support this cause.

Why? Because there is no reason not too.

This can make such a great change in so many animals’ lives; it is literally a no-brainer.

Start today just by making the suggestion to your local merchants, in the end they will be thanking you for it.

Thank you all so much for your love of the animals.


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