How do You Sit Like That?

How do You Sit Like That?
Q in splayed mode.

Most dogs have the normal sitting posture you and I are commonly used to seeing on most dogs. Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers tend to “plop” into position; all four legs splayed outward. Even though this position looks utterly uncomfortable, it tends to be Quantum Leap’s posture of choice.
So many people comment on this unusual sitting position. They think it is so cute and endearing. I am more aware that when my Wheaten Terrier is sitting like this, he is happy, healthy and secure with his environment and those around him.
When Q chews his love toys (see Play Time With Q from August 31st), he lays in this position. It is almost as if this is a position of dominance over the toy.
No matter what, Q is feeling, my desire is to provide him with loving and comfortable surroundings. So, if he wants to splay out, I say, more power to him. I only wish I was still as flexible!

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