Hound & Gatos wants you to know: November is National Pet Cancer Awareness Month

Hound & Gatos wants you to know: November is National Pet Cancer Awareness Month

An Ohio pet resort has closed after several dogs became mysteriously sick and died. Health officials are reminding pet owners to take precautions to prevent illness.

Do you realize that cancer is the number one disease-related killer of pets today? In fact, the Morris Animal Foundation states that one in four dogs will die of cancer and according to the National Canine Cancer Foundation, cancer accounts for approximately half the deaths of dogs over ten years of age.

Hound & Gatos wants you to know: November is National Pet Cancer Awareness Month

Feed your dog well in attempts to avoid cancer.

Hound & Gatos

Since the awareness is steadily growing, November has become National Pet Cancer Awareness Month. Organizations like Hound & Gatos Pet Foods Corporation hope to increase the awareness about the detection and prevention of pet cancer so that you and your pet do not have to experience it firsthand.

“Unfortunately, a high number of pets get sick each year, and a major cause is poor nutrition,” says Will Post, President of Hound & Gatos Pet Foods Corporation. “The majority of pet foods on the shelves are packed with harmful ingredients such as fillers, preservatives and artificial substances. Making sure that what our pet ingests promotes good health, will not only allow their body the ability to fight back against illnesses such as cancer, but perhaps even form a shield of sorts, and lessen the consequences of poor nutrition,” says Post.

National Pet Cancer Awareness Month was launched in 2005 by VPI (Veterinary Pet Insurance). They felt that due to the staggering increase in pets suffering from cancer that some type of awareness needed to be reflected to the general public. The cancers contracted include skin cancer, cancer of the lymph nodes, gastrointestinal tract cancer, and blood and bone cancers. There are others, but these are the most common.

As always, early detection is critical. Here are a few early warning signs of pet cancer:

New Lumps and Bumps. New spots and lumps on your pet do not necessarily mean cancer. Take your pet into your vet to have the spot biopsied to determine if it’s malignant or benign.

Change in Appetite. Pets suffering from cancer frequently experience a change in appetite and most commonly, rapidly lose weight. This reaction can be tied to difficulty chewing or swallowing.

Depression. A sudden shift in mood is one symptom of cancer. Depression and an unwillingness to be active and exercise are reported as signs of cancer.

“The best possible way to prevent any health problems is to keep your pet healthy from the start, by feeding them a pure meat-based diet, with zero by-products, artificial fillers or plant protein,” says Post. “Making changes to this effect will help your pet live a happier, healthier, and longer life,” he says.

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