Hello Kitty eyes can be yours

Hello Kitty eyes can be yours

There' s just something about those eyes

Hello Kitty is outrageously popular throughout the entire world. Her image has invaded the kitchen from microwaves to vegetable peelers the bathroom from towels to toilet seat covers, the, bedroom from comforters to wall borders, electronics from computers to MP3 players, clothing from shoes to hats, jewelry; some with diamonds—you name it and Hello Kitty has probably had her image already grace it.

Now Sanrio’s famous feline friend has Hello Kitty Color Contact Lenses, a beautiful pair of violet contacts that will renovate your vision into HK character fun. The non-corrective contacts come equipped with a gorgeous Hello Kitty-themed case and box, making it a just the thing for anyone who loves Hello Kitty—which is about everyone; at least everyone sane.

These unique lenses are made from HEMA coloring agent saline. The water content is 36%. The coloring diameter: Are 13mm and the BC: is 8.6mm. Usage is for one month but it varies per usage.

Yes, there is Hello Kitty themed eye glasses and not only for kids; but for adults as well. And yes again, there is also Hello Kitty themed eyeglass cases.

Hello Kitty has not lost her appeal and it looks like she never will. There is just something irresistible about this innocent little feline without a mouth. You can’t help but love her and want to adopt her as your own.

Hello Kitty aka Kitty White originated in Japan in 1974 and has been going strong ever since. This multi-billion dollar industry never seems to run out of fresh, new ideas and her fans never cease to purchase just “one more” Hello Kitty item.