Heartbroken Husky finds his way to hospitalized guardian

Heartbroken Husky finds his way to hospitalized guardian
Loyal, loving Zander

We all know the devotion and loyalty of dogs knows no bounds, but a 7-year-old Husky named Zander made this all the more true.

When Zander's guardian, John Dolan, was hospitalized last week with a skin condition, Zander was heartbroken. Dolan's wife says the dog even cried and sulked after Dolan left.

So the dog escaped from their home and tracked his owner down, all the way to Good Samaritan Hospital Medical Center - more than two miles away. A hospital employee discovered the dog outside the building where Dolan was staying.

It seems Zander had to go under a parkway and across a busy four-lane road to arrive at his destination. And he attempted to visit Dolan again a few days later, but was found while on his way.

John and his wife think Zander traced his scent - how else would he have been able to do something so remarkable?

The Dolans rescued Zander from a shelter and brought him back from starvation five years ago. Maybe Zander wanted to show his guardian the same compassion he'd been shown when he was sick.

This is just another example of the power of love and how devoted and grateful shelter dogs are. They can become wonderful family members when given the chance.


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