Hay River 's beloved Loki is now safe with Bonnie

Hay River 's beloved Loki is now safe with Bonnie

Bonnie cuddling with Lokie

“I have been working with LOKI since he escaped the Hay River Shelter in June 2010” explains Bonnie. Bonnie has been the caretaker of Loki for three years now. Loki is a special dog, he was rescued as a puppy from a hoarding situation in 2010 and then when taken to the shelter he escaped. Loki's life was in danger when the Town of Hay River decided that as a way of "animal control" all stray animals would be shot. Bonnie was short on time...but an angel came to the rescue. He flew all the way from California to Hay River in the NWT. His name is Eldad Hagar. He is known for the great moments he catches on camera when he rescues stray dogs in California.

A bit after midnight on Sept 30 2013, I got word from my beautiful friend Bonnie Dawson telling me that LOKI was resting inside a friend's garage. How did this happen? Well it took the effort from a lot of people. People thought that Eldad Hagar from Hope for Paws was the only person that could be successful at communicating with Loki that he would be safe with him and two great ladies called Bonnie. Yes, there is Bonnie D and Bonnie C living in Hay River. I know people posted messages on Eldad's page and people wrote to Eldad... thank you to all of you that believe in Eldad. There are people still behind the scenes trying to keep Loki safe and getting all that he needs. Sarah, Shanon, Jean, Lawrence and all the great people that are actively looking over LOKI. Thank you so much Eldad for your love for animals and for coming over to help LOKI. The following is Eldad's update.. Now we have to ask for Mayor to adopt a humane way to end the problem of strays. The only solution is sterilization, hold adoption clinics and educate the community about being a responsible animal guardian.

For 3 YEARS, Loki (pronounced Lo-Kai) lived outside in the freezing temperatures of the Northwest Territories in Canada (temperatures in the winter are reach MINUS 50).Loki, a wolf hybrid (half wolf, half dog) was just too scared, and wouldn't allow anyone to touch him.
During these three years, two women, Bonnie Dawson and Bonnie C (I am not sure if she wants her name published) fed him, gave him treats and toys (which he collected), they participated in different rescue attempts, but nothing worked.Last week I got contacted by many people here on Facebook, and I even got a phone call, asking if I could help. I quickly learned that Loki has 10 days to live before he will get shot by the city that was unhappy about having a stray dog.
Things happened quickly from this point. I instructed the two Bonnies on how to modify Loki's behavior, and promised to get up there as soon as I will get two repeated days with the same desired behavior of walking into Bonnie's garage to eat.Fast forward 3 days - I took off to Canada, landed in Edmonton, continued to Hay River, and just 8 hours later, we had Loki!!!
I slept in the garage with him (we both slept on top of a freezer). It was so cold, but it was so amazing to be with such a wild creature who was never handled by humans.You can visit Loki's Facebook page and see tons of photos of him here: Friends of LOKI - Sole Survivor
If you're wondering why he is called the "Sole Survivor", you can read Bonnie's blog and learn about Loki's life story:Gift of Loki
I am going back to the garage for another night with Loki. This is the safest place for him (no windows, so he can't do anything extreme to escape). The next few days will be so critical in surrounding him with so much love and getting him used to human contact. He will be living with Bonnie Dawson, and he has an amazing life ahead of him.
Thank you so much for supporting Hope For Paws and enabling me to save Loki.
You can see a bunch of his photos on my Flickr page

Loki has been with Bonnie and he is doing well, they spend a lot of time together in his dog run and one day she hopes that he can be inside the home just like her other furryfriends. Reading the amazing blog of dear Bonnie makes you feel like you are there with her and LOKI.

Bonnie is no stranger to strays, she has rescued and adopted animals. She has helped more than one stray in Hay River. “I often picked up wandering souls and even held them here at my home for up to a week, posting their pictures on my Facebook wall”. If there is no owner to be found then she proceeds in taking them to the local shelter where usually dogs are placed for adoption.” Bonnie is a guardian to animals; she is active when it comes to giving them a voice, in 2008 she launched her three year campaign to bring about Animal Protection Legislation in the NT, resulting in the first Animal Protection seen in the new NWT Dog Act and was made law May 2011. For Right now, she needs everyone’s help to make Loki’s life a prosperous one.

An account has been set up specifically for Loki. All donations will be confirmed and acknowledged.

Donations may be made by e-transfer to [email protected] Please use a simple security question, like "What animal is known to bark?

Checks and/or money orders can be mailed to Bonnie’s home address:

23 Pine Cr, Hay River, NT X0E 0R5

Payable to Bonnie Dawson (For the Love of Loki)

By regular mail: (From U.S. only money orders in Canadian funds. Can be gotten at bank or post office.) You can also send via Western Union to North Mart GM #316, 64 Woodland Dr., Hay River, NT Canada. X0E 1G1 No charge in Canada and would be minimal from elsewhere depending on the $$s.

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