Have we really considered that special gift?

Have we really considered that special gift?
A friend of many chapters

Yes! You know the one. The one we all get caught up on at some point in our lifetime. Oh, how cute it will be. Nothing compares to new puppy breath. And that little tail wagging all the time. This is nothing compared to the look on that special someone’s face when they find a box moving all on it’s own under the tree. What bliss. What pride.

Wait, rewind, what are we thinking? First that cute little ball of fluff with the great puppy breath is going to chewing on everything. And what about house training, we both have jobs and no one is home all day. Who will be the loving person to feed and walk it?

Ok. Let’s look over here. Kittens are so cute and virtually training free, right? Litter box, food morning and night, sleeps all day. This is sounding better. They are so cute, although those little claws and teeth hurt. And now our hands feel and look like real pincushions, just like the one Grandma had on her wrist. They do have that little tiny “meow”.

Reality Check Here. All baby pets (cats, dogs, frogs, turtles, chicks, pigs, you get the idea) are adorable. However, they grow up. They require work. They especially require time and patience. Every year puppies, kittens and so forth are returned, brought to the Humane Society or worse left at the side of the road or just outside to fend for themselves.

Taking on a pet is a responsibility. And with that goes a lot of time and money. We all love our pets and will go the extra mile for them. We know what we are doing. So why are so many pets brought in to pet help organizations within the six week period following Christmas. We just don’t think about it enough. No one picks out an animal for a gift or keeps that gift without thinking through the first 24 hours. Maybe we even think through the first several months. Baby pets don’t stay babies and as they grow up and are maybe not so cute any more. If we don’t have the time, energy and resources to socialize and train them, it is entirely possible they will not be cute to anyone. They can be destructive, nuisances unwanted by us or anyone else.

Please think through all the possibilities of getting a pet for the Christmas. Consider fostering one first and get that pet closer to spring when standing outside while you wait for it to find the right place to relieve itself is at least warmer. Different breeds of cats and dogs have different temperaments consider your temperament prior to this new addition. Fish tank sounds good you say. We live in an area where power loss in the winter months is frequent. What is the alternative power supply for that tank? Just think and make this adoption the best possible alternative for every one involved. There is no better emotional, mood elevating friend than a pet. The unconditional love will surround us for all the years they are in our life. Pick out your Best Friend with all the love and forethought you would any major change in your life.