Rocky's Road Trip to Florida begins

Last year I wrote about Rocky, a blind German Shepherd, who was abandoned at Los Angeles County Animal Care in Carson, California, and rescued by Orange County's Coastal German Shepherd Rescue. After more than a year in rescue, Coastal announced that Rocky was adopted this week.

What makes this so remarkable is that Rocky is a senior dog and blind, a dog that normally would stand little chance of leaving the shelter alive because he could never compete with the cute puppies and younger dogs. Rescues are sometimes reluctant to take in dogs like him because they take longer to adopt out and sometimes have medical issues that need to be addressed.

Rocky was no exception. At the time he was rescued, Rocky was very underweight and had some serious skin issues, a result of prolonged neglect, that would require some special attention. Coastal took a chance, saved Rocky from the fate that likely awaited him, and brought him into the fold.

After exiting the shelter, Rocky was placed in a foster home where he blossomed. His blindness (the result of untreated cataracts and incurable) didn't affect him much and he lived peaceably with several other dogs. His grew a beautiful coat and gained weight. He eventually became a volunteer favorite at adoption events. While other dogs came into the rescue and went home with families of their very own, Rocky waited and more than a year passed.

This week, Rocky's lucky day arrived. A family in Florida saw him on Coastal's Facebook page and fell in love. They were informed they would be required to meet Rocky before an adoption could happen. Undaunted, they drove three days to meet him and brought their own dog with them to meet him also. A connection was made and Rocky officially became a member of their family.

While Rocky's story has a happy ending, Coastal has a number of older German Shepherds still waiting for their very own families, and local shelters also have seniors - who ended up at the shelter through no fault of their own except growing old - waiting for someone to look past the puppies to give them a chance to give and receive love and lay on a soft bed again.

If you're interested in meeting or adopting a wonderful senior German Shepherd (or one of any age), please see Coastal's adoptable dogs here. If you're in or near Orange County and open to adopting a senior pet from the shelter, please consider visiting Orange County Animal Care in Orange, CA.