Happy ending for cat that refused to die

Happy ending for cat that refused to die
Andrea playing with new owner Janita Coombs

Despite two attempts to gas her, a stray cat named Andrea refused to die.

When officials at the West Valley City Animal Shelter in Utah failed to put the fateful female down on their first try, they decided to gas her again. They then put her body in a plastic bag which they stored in a cooler. However, when they checked the bag sometime later, they found that she had vomited on herself, and despite having hypothermia, Andrea was definitely still alive.

“So we decided to stop trying to kill her, and give her another chance to get adopted. It was just one of those things where they thought this cat obviously really wants to live,"shelter spokesman Aaron Crim told the Salt Lake Tribune.

As a result , Janita Coombs, a volunteer with the Community Animal Welfare Society decided to give her a permanent home. "She's pretty tough. Obviously, she’s got some will to live,” remarked Coombs.

Meanwhile, officials from the Shelter are trying to figure out why the gas failed, and several have called for a change to using lethal injections as a more “humane method of euthanizing animals in the future.

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