Guard Dogs Should Replace Devices

Guard Dogs  Should Replace Devices
Guard Dogs For Protection

Connecticut already has gun laws in place that did nothing to prevent the massive shootings that took place in the Elementary school on December 14, 2012. Is Eugene, Oregon protected with similar gun laws? Registration of weapons, permits and regulations of carrying guns are strictly enforced, but don't seem to apply to anyone wanting to break those laws and proceed on a killing rampage. Each of the mass killings in the past two years can be closely examined to find that same conclusion.

Adjustments could be investigated. Looking at the possibility of trained dogs in schools could save lives. The money that is spent on devices to prevent entrance by gunmen into schools is not secure. A patrolman or woman on watch would give the animal instinct a hedge against crimes like the Connecticut massacre.

Tremendous money goes into securing a proper dog for training in protection. Most Eugenites would easily forfeit that animal if even one human life could be saved because of that attack dog stopping a shooter. The keen eyes, ears and quick responses make dog guards a worthy consideration.