Greater Charlotte Caged Bird Society hosted beautiful birds last weekend

Greater Charlotte Caged Bird Society hosted beautiful birds last weekend
The Greater Charlotte Caged Bird Society expo this past weekend.

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Arrivals at the first day of the Greater Charlotte Caged Bird Expo (GCCBS) were bird lovers from all the surrounding communities. Some as far away as the east coast made the trip. Once inside they were greeted with a large hall echoing with bird sounds and chatter.

Greater Charlotte Caged Bird Society hosted beautiful birds last weekend
The beautiful mcaws were available at the GCCBS ExpoJ

Cages were set along the walls and all down the center. This created an amazing view of birds and the attendees. Some were searching for their desired bird, while others went from cage to cage admiring each new find. Some bought birds they weren't even planning to get.

The expo had from the smallest birds (finches and parrotlets) to huge macaws of varying colors. Cockatiels seemed to also be a popular choice along with parakeets, button quail and conures (both sun and green cheek). This list goes on of all the types of birds that were there.

Some of the vendors unusual, beautiful birds and supplies at great prices. Feather Flocked Aviary had both the birds and supplies. Bill Walker of Denver, N.C. had some colorful rosey bourkes as did Kathy's Exotic Birds and Lynda Jellison of Softsong Aviary in Lebanon, Tenn., who also had parakeets.

An unusual little bird button quails were available from Meschelelai’s Aviary and were sold as eggs, young birds or adult birds.

The annual summer Greater Charlotte Caged Bird Expo went off without a hitch, Tony Jones pulled it off with flying colors. Sunday had a nice turnout, but many bird vendors sold out Saturday so the hall wasn’t quite as crowded, but did have those that went back to see if they missed anything or something new might be available.

If you love birds or wanted to go and missed this expo, GCCBS fall expo will be on Saturday November 10 and Sunday November 11. Mark this on your calendars. There will be more reminders as it gets closer.

Postings from GCCBS can also be found on facebook under the group Love Those Birds. Lot of experience in that group and they are a great help to the novice bird owner.

Congratulations to all who made it to the expo and got a new baby.

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