Goodhearted officer goes to bat for two pit bulls

Goodhearted officer goes to bat for two pit bulls
Galvin is a shelter superstar

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When an overworked animal control officer reaches out for help, it becomes duty to answer and offer help.

Goodhearted officer goes to bat for two pit bulls
Sweet Nessa...loved by everyone who meets her

A story is very rare when two dogs are given the chances Galvin and Nessa have received at Escalon Animal Shelter in California.

Galvin has been at this tiny shelter for two months. “He is a very sweet dog, that is house trained and has been trained for about an hour with a Petco dog trainer who taught him how to sit, stay and walk on a leash. He however is not good with being left alone inside a house with free reign; he needs to be crated or put outside in a secure yard. He has been out on a foster to adopt and it unfortnately did not work out with the family due to their neighbors dog. He gets along with kids, small dogs and cats.”

How many shelters take the time to try and save a pit bull? How many shelters take the time to save two pit bulls?

Nessa is a beautiful blue nose pittie with white spots. Nessa is not cat friendly like Galvin, however, this shelter understands prey drive and unlike most shelters, does not believe in killing a dog for having prey drive. Nessa “gets along well with other dogs small and large.”

“She with gental verbal guidance knows how to sit and is getting more and more used to walking on a leash. We have through experience noticed that she does not like baths and it is definately a two-person job.

Nessa, has broken out with sores, it is not a result of infections from scratches on her face from the cat as those have healed. We believe it to be a food allergy. Two fellow officers and I have bathed her regularly, treated her sores with antibacterial spray and changed her food to a lamb and rice dry dog food as well as put her on a skin and coat supplement. She has started to turn around and her sores are slowly getting better. This however has been a problem with her for the past 2 or so weeks.”

Most shelters put dogs down for curable ailments like kennel cough and mange, but rare is the shelter that buys a high quality dog food to try and help a pit bull.

First and foremost, Escalon Animal Shelter deserves a commendation for saving these two lives. Galvin and Nessa don’t have much longer as they’ve been extended to try and find rescue or adoption.

Secondly, this shelter and these two dogs deserve networking. Efforts such as Escalon Animal Shelter’s attempt to try and save lives must be acknowledged. If these good works go unnoticed, the mass overpopulation and euthanasia in the country’s shelters will never change.

Please network the story of Nessa and Gavin along with this hardworking shelter in hopes that they might be saved. Here is a giant opportunity to make a huge difference.

Escalon City Animal Control

25100 East River Road, Escalon, CA

(209) 838-7093

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