Good news about injured police K9

Good news about injured police K9
Lakota, recovery

Atlanta, GA - Readers outraged by the Clayton County Police Department's failure to pay for their injured K9's extensive injuries following a serious car crash will be pleased with the latest news.

The department announced today that they will be paying for the injured K9's veterinary expenses.

Lakota, a 5 yr-old German shepherd, was severely injured in a car crash back on October 3.

Since that time, he has been receiving care at the University of Georgia's Veterinary school.

Expenses associated with caring for the severely injured dog are expected to run into the thousands - a burden that, until today, appeared to be falling squarely on the shoulders of Lakota's handler, Officer Travis Fox.

According to, the county claims that the prior refusal to pay for the veterinary care was a "misunderstanding".

Apparently, the county believed that since Lakota's handler indicated that he would adopt the grievously injured dog - that it also meant that he (Fox) had agreed to be responsible for all of the veterinary expenses.

The county is agreeing to pay for Lakota's expenses since he was injured while on duty.

According to Lakota's Facebook page, the injured dog is getting stronger with each passing day and his family is looking forward to getting him home soon.

Lakota underwent surgery for his many fractures on Friday.

He has a long road ahead of him, but he should do well with his excellent team of veterinary professionals and his loving family.

Wishing you a speedy recovery Lakota.

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