Good food and saving lives...the perfect combination

Good food and saving lives...the perfect combination
Photos at the Lost Dog Cafe

For animal lovers, and those in the animal welfare community, any excuse to help animals is a good one. So, when the chance to eat good food in a great atmosphere while supporting the cause arises, it’s a good day!

And, for those living in Arlington and McLean, Virginia, every day can be a good day thanks to two unique establishments. In 1985 Ross Underwood and Pam McAlwee opened the first Lost Dog Café. Serving good pizza, sandwiches, beer and more, this unique eatery soon became the basis and funding for one of our local rescues called the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation. Thanks to many people who have visited since that time, the Lost Dog Café and its sister restaurant the Stray Cat Café continue to support the rescue and save lives.

Each café offers a menu full of dog or cat named items in a fun theme-oriented setting. Among the walls filed with photos of dogs and cats that have been rescued and adopted, you will find murals and more. For the dog lovers the menu offers such items as the Yuppie Puppy, the Lost Dog Dip, Kujo Pie, The Coyote, and even a Black Dog Float for a great Root Beer float. For the cat lovers among us, they offer the Cats-a-Dillas, the Cobby Cat salad, or The Kitten dessert for those with a small ice cream craving. They even offer a vegetarian menu,and their pizza has a huge amount of toppings available with a variety of white pizzas not often found elsewhere.Washing it down is not a problem with their impressive botted beer selection, and a wide variety of other drinks.

Both cafes have their own website which includes a link to the rescue and the many dogs and cats in need of a home, among other things. So, if you are hungry and want an excuse to go out, these café’s are the perfect opportunity.

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