Giving ferals a place to keep warm

Giving ferals a place to keep warm
Here is a simple winter shelter for the ferals in the area

Winter is here. Give the feral population a break from the cold and wet. Whether you live in Grass Valley, or at the end of one of the many dirt roads here in Nevada County, there are animals who would appreciate the warm space on those rainy night.

Here is a shelter that is cheap and fairly easy to make:

Use a storage bin. Cut a hole in the side. Line with a cheap styrofoam cooler, laying straw under the cooler and filling in the gaps the same way. Inside the cooler, put an old blanket or towel inside, or to get fancy, another, smaller bin with a hole in the side, then line with towel or blanket. Cover with the lids. Voila! Warm crash pad for the local four-footed furries!

This is a simple thing to do. Alternatives to the bin would be an old hard-sided carrier wrapped in blankets, or even a cardboard box in a sheltered place, such as a wood shed.

Give an animal a break in the storm.