Give a Pair of Loveable Pups a Forever Home

Give a Pair of Loveable Pups a Forever Home

Come and meet Bonsai and Edward. Adoptions held Saturday from 10-3 at PK (1049 Macarthur Road in Whitehall) or email at [email protected] or call 610-597-2193

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Animal shelters and rescues frequently have difficulty finding adopters for dogs whom are either relinquished or rescued from the same home. Potential adopters usually don’t look to adopt more than one dog, so keeping pairs together, is a very difficult task.

Give a Pair of Loveable Pups a Forever Home

Adopt Howie and Peanut, 2yr and 6yr old loveable Pugs

Peaceable Kingdom, Inc.

As expected, abandoned dogs often suffer from anxiety and depression. They find themselves away from home in an unfamiliar environment, being cared for by strangers. So when dogs come into animal shelters in pairs they are often kept together in the same kennel. This reduces their stress levels and allows them to seek comfort from each other’s company.

Adopting out dogs who are essentially family members together is ideal not only for the shelter, but most importantly for the dogs. It’s not only unjust to split up pairs, but it is also emotionally distressing. They have already lost their homes and previous owners. Being split from each other undoubtedly adds to the grief and loss and might make it more difficult for them to adjust to their new families.

Dogs are loving, resilient, and forgiving, and usually bond to their new families after a period of adjustment even when they are split from their canine friend, but if only for the sake of their emotional well being, it is wonderful and rewarding for both the dogs and the adopter when they are adopted together into the same home.

As the pet parent of two sweet, loveable, and affectionate rescue dogs who were adopted as a bonded pair, it is comforting and rewarding for my family to know that we rescued them together, allowing them to enjoy their new forever home and family with each other for the rest of their lives. I can assure you it is one of the best decisions you can ever make.

So if your situation allows it, and you can find it in your heart to give a loving forever home to a pair of rescues, please do not hesitate. Adopt today.

Peaceable Kingdom in Whitehall, PA currently has two pairs of loveable dogs whom they would like to adopt out to forever homes. Howie and Peanut are 2 and 6 year old pugs who were surrendered by their owner. They are sweet, friendly, loveable boys who love to take walks and play together. Bonsai and Edward are 6 and 12 year old poodles; they are described by volunteers to be super sweet and love to be carried. All four boys are vetted, neutered, vaccinated, and ready for adoption.

Adoptions are held every Saturday from 10AM-3PM at Peaceable Kingdom (1049 MacArthur Road in Whitehall across the street from the old Lehigh Valley Dairy). For more information please email at [email protected] or call 610-597-2193.