Georgia SPCA: The J Kids

Georgia SPCA:  The J Kids

Hi! We are Jaden, Jalen, and Jordan, and we are all boys.

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There are four cuties in this litter, Jaden, Jalen, Jivi, Jordan. They were all born here, at my home on April 7 to Jade, who will be up for adoption in a few weeks.

Georgia SPCA:  The J Kids

I am one of the J kids.

The kittens will be available around June 9 after they are spayed/neutered. The grey & grey/white kittens are all males and Jivi, the tabby, is a female.

While I have them, they will be taken out of their room and exposed to new environments, cats and two large dogs daily, so they will be ready to go to any type of home when they are 8 weeks.

They like to play, of course, but they their favorite thing to do is crawl around/in stacked up pillows! So far,they are all pretty quiet,use the litter box (95% of the time), love canned and dry food and they love their momma.

They are not at the Georgia SPCA and will stay here until adopted. If you would like to meet them and possibly do a pre-adoption (I'll hold him/her for you), give me, Linda, a call at 404-502-6584.