From the parrot's beak: major bummer edition

From the parrot's beak: major bummer edition
Whatcha lookin' at?

- World Parrot Trust is actively engaged in wild parrot conservation efforts; listing these three species of special concern: Blue-throated Macaws in Bolivia cling to survival with fewer than 150 left, Indonesian Yellow-crested Cockatoos are critically endangered, fewer than a thousand remaining, Great Green Macaw struggles in Central America with fewer than 25 breeding pairs in Costa Rica, and only 30-40 birds in Ecuador.

- And the bad news doesn't end there: Thousands of parrots are still being plucked from the wild by black marketeers; even marketed as captive bred. Frank Indiviglio reports:

- Even in Australia: Exotic bird trade going unchecked News tip from Ellen Schloss.

- Didn't John Cleese expose this?: Stop the Sale of Dead Parrots on Ebay! - The Petition Site

- And speaking of England: The underreported issue of parrots given up and placed in overwhelmed rescue organizations is the dirty little secret of parrot ownership. And it's not just the consumer-happy USA - Great Britain and Western Europe are up there, too.

- Bird cruelty a hidden act - Daily Progress: News An older but still relevant article as pointed out by Linda Bringle Pearl.

- Snowball the cockatoo boogies: Snowball’s Videos | Bird Lovers Only And he lets Irena Shulz know he's not happy when she cuts the music! :

- Short subject theater: Well, they DO have wings: I'm in (lorikeet) heaven! For lori lovers... - YouTube -- All kinds of Parrots in Australia - YouTube -- and Wild Cockatoos|youtube From Amy Hopkins' big bag o' bird videos for The Parrot Club. -- And Yellow Tailed Black Cockatoos Visit Garden comes to us from Emmett Renshaw.-- Tiko and his Purple Ball Playful Senegal from Arizona ExoticBirds Aviary.

- Former "Bird Talk"ers talk: Winning the trust of second hand, rescue and rehomed parrots is the topic of Sally Blanchard's new publication, available only in pdf. For more info: The latest from that Champion of Chop, Patricia Sund:

- The Pet Cafe, Recipes for Birds, Recipes for Parrots, Recipes for Cockatiels, Recipes for Bird Food

- Video -- Do Parrots Name Their Babies? -- National Geographic from Emmett Renshaw.

- Flapping Feathers of NJ monthly meeting is Wed. Nov. 28, 7:30, Land And Sea Diner, 20-12 Fair Lawn Ave., Fair Lawn. Lots o' great prizes, as usual. Info on the holiday party at Teri and Tony's house. The 3 dates under consideration are: Fri. 12/7, Sat12/8 and Sat. 12/15; pending when most people can attend, TBA.

- More news from across the pond: Woodies Wings Parrot & Rescue visit Midland Parrots "Saturday 24th November" in Leicestershire, England. But that's not all- we have it on good authority that Santa Claus will be flying in as well. How does that guy find time to get away from the North Pole this time of year?

- LOST Macaw Parrot / Bird - Akron, Ohio, OH, United States, US - Lost & Found Ref# L6594 An especially urgent situation as the cold weather comes in. -- $200 REWARD - LOST PARROT

-Holiday grab bag of gifts for parrots and their people; World Parrot Trust is offering a line of including cards, calendars and more featuring parrots AND all sale proceeds go toward habitat protection and other programs to help wild parrots. -- Parrot classes and presentations from avian behaviorist Lara Joseph Sally Blanchard's Companion Parrot Website features "The Companion Parrot Handbook", "The Beak Book", and many .pdfs on parrot species, care and behavior, Tongue-in-Beak Clayworks, Color Pencil Parrot Portraits and more! -- Feathered Fashions, out of the cage and into your life Cool Christmas swag ideas for the parrot obsessed. -- And , of course. autographed copies of "I SAW WILD PARROTS IN NEW YORK CITY!" a wonderful book for children and parrot lovers of all ages by this examiner about the feral quakers of New York City. Get yours for $11 (includes S & H) write [email protected]

- To our readers: Our final bummer item is that "From the parrot's beak" will NOT be publishing next week, due to the editor moving into a new house. We'll be back before Christmas, though. Thank you for your patience and patronage!

- Last word this week: Amazing Parrot singing Gangnam style Thanks, Arlene Levin and Jerrie Dean!