Foster homes needed: Chicago rescues put out call for help

Have you ever considered fostering a dog or cat in need of a home? As summer winds down, many rescue organizations are looking for volunteers to take in dogs and cats in need of homes until adopters are found.

Foster homes needed: Chicago rescues put out call for help
Einstein is a 10-year-old poodle needing fostering through Young at Heart Pet Rescue.

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Foster homes needed: Chicago rescues put out call for help
This dog is not doing well at the shelter and needs rescue and a foster (he's at the Animal Welfare League in Chicago).Trio Animal Foundation

While shelters have a physical location, rescues are home-based and rely on foster homes to house animals rescued until adopters are found. Many shelters also use fosters to house kittens, puppies, recovering dogs and cats and pets not doing well in a shelter environment.

Fosters generally provide the home and nurturing environment while the rescue provides food, veterinary care and other essentials. Some foster commitments – like those for kittens and puppies – are short term. Others may last longer since an animal will stay with a foster until they are adopted.

Here are just a few of the rescues that have put out the call for additional fosters to help them with animals currently in their care. Some of the animals needing a foster are featured in the slideshow.

Young at Heart Pet Rescue – This organization pulls senior cats and dogs from open admission shelters. All the dogs rescued stay in foster homes until adopted. Cats stay in foster care until a space opens in one of their two adoption locations – the Petco in Lake Zurich and Best Friends Pet Care in Prairie View. Potential fosters should live in the Northwest suburbs. Foster information is online.

Animal Education and Rescue – This Lake County rescue is currently in need of fosters to take in kittens (a litter of five is losing their foster home due to a family emergency). The group also needs fosters for dogs coming into the program. Learn about fostering online.

A Dogs Day Rescue – This Chicago-based organization pulls dogs from Chicago Animal Care and Control and elsewhere. They are looking for fosters for several new dogs (Lily and Mick) in the program and are always looking for additional fosters to help them increase the number of dogs rescued. Learn about fostering online.

Be Fido's Friend - This Chicago-based foster organization is looking for additional fosters to assist with a "big pull" event later this summer. Learn about fostering online.

Chicago Cat Rescue – This Chicago-based organization needs fosters for some cats that recently lost foster homes. They also need help with their intake of kittens. Learn more online.

Trio Animal Foundation is also looking for organizations and fosters to take some of the cats and dogs at the Animal Welfare League. TAF raises funds for the vet care and will be helping with many of these animals.