Former MWD handler seeking information on MWD Luci, now in Afghanistan

Former MWD handler seeking information on MWD Luci, now in Afghanistan

Staff Sgt. Blakely Pattison and MWD Luci

Afghanistan veteran Staff Sgt. Blakely Pattison seeking MWD Luci, a 4-year-old black lab, for information and possible adoption when her service as a MWD is over. It's believed Luci is currently serving in Afghanistan. Even if she's not available for adoption in the near future, Blakely would still like to correspond with her current handler to share stories about this special dog.

Luci's tattoo number is either N266 or N299, and she was trained at Lackland AFB. Blakely believes she is currently assigned to a handler with the engineering group from Ft. Leonard Wood.

Blakely and Luci served together in Afghanistan from December 2009 until June 2010. He really misses her, and wished me to share a few memories about their time together.

"In training she never seemed to like water too much, but after a search in Afghanistan Luci jumped straight into the Helmand river. She is such a mess, and has such a wonderful personality. When we were on our Fire base in Afghanistan there were some stray dogs that were there and Luci would always play chase with them. Once after a search when I was calling Luci back to me, she was running straight for me and was biting at the grass as she was coming back. It was so funny. On one mission it was so cold that I gave Luci my sleeping bag only to find her right next to me out of the sleeping bag when I awoke."

When asked why he wants to adopt his former battle buddy, Blakely explained "When I was with her she made me feel complete, I experienced a lot with Luci in combat and we both took care of each other, I feel as though something is missing because she is gone."

Luci has some curly hair around her tail. More than is normal for a black lab. She also has a few special characteristics that should make identifying her a bit easier. For one, Luci snores when she's sleeping. She also snorts like a pig, especially when she's playing with a tennis ball. May as well add she likes to cuddle in bed and is now fond of swimming. Hopefully someone out there reading this will know her whereabouts and can get her current handler to correspond with her prior handler.

Anyone with information on Luci is asked to contact Blakely at [email protected]