'Fix Georgia Pets' Day: September 19

'Fix Georgia Pets' Day: September 19

Experts from the Humane Society highlight the importance of saving animal lives by spaying or neutering pets.

Animal advocates, spay/neuter organizations and veterinarians across the state of Georgia are joining forces on Thursday, September 19 to combat pet overpopulation by participating in “Fix Georgia Pets” Day.

'Fix Georgia Pets' Day: September 19

Fix Georgia Pets Day is September 19.

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On that date, Fix Georgia Pets, an organization dedicated to ending the pet overpopulation crisis, will fund spay and neuter clinics, mobile spay and neuter units, voucher programs and participating veterinarians to provide spay and neuter services to underserved Georgia communities. The goal of this statewide effort is to “fix” Georgia pets and begin a collaborative effort to end pet overpopulation in the state.

The event website provides the following additional information: “Each participating spay/neuter organization is identifying a community in their area that needs the most help and offering to “Fix Your Pet” for low-to-no cost on Thursday, September 19. At the conclusion of the event, Fix Georgia Pets will reimburse the participating organizations for the spay/neuter services provided that day.”

Over 50 organizations and veterinarians across the state are participating in this effort. Click here to see the list of participating entities.

Anyone can participate in this effort to “fix” a Georgia Pet by sponsoring a spay/neuter surgery in a Georgia community that needs your help. Low cost spay/neuter ranges from $25 - $50 for cats and from $50 - $95 for dogs. Contact one of the participating organizations or veterinarians to find out how you can make a donation. Or click here to make a donation to “Fix Georgia Pets.”

Click here to view the Fix Georgia Pets Public Service Announcement.