First aid for cats suffering from a seizure

First aid for cats suffering from a seizure

Be sure to call my doctor

A seizure is an explosion of uncontrollable body movements caused by an anomalous electrical activity in the brain and yes, cats can suffer from seizures. It can be as spectacular as violent whole-body tremors--a grand mal seizure--or as slight as a repetitive facial twitch or a short period of disorientationk00a partial seizure. There are many causes of seizures, some benevolent, some severe.
If your cat is suffering from a seizure, protect him/her from injuring him/herself while the seizure runs its complete course. Make sure he/she can’t fall and above all, keep him/her away from water, even his/her bowl...

Be careful not to get bitten by a frightened feline, as kitty is not him/herself and cat teeth are quite sharp.

If you can be sure to, record the start and end time of the seizure to the second...

If your feline has just one seizure and it lasts under 3 minutes, this is as a rule not an emergency.

Contact your veterinarian for further instructions straightway.

If a seizure lasts any longer than 3-5 minutes, or if your feline has two or more seizures in a day, seek veterinary care directly.

If your cat is diabetic, administer sugar syrup to the gums if this can be done without getting bitten. Be sure to contact your veterinarian so kitty can get professional help.

It can’t be stressed enough: First Aid is the care made available to a sick or injured cat until professional help is possible. True, First Aid does not take the place of good veterinary treatment, but when used correctly, it could make all the difference in the world for both you and your cat