Firefighter adopts 3 dogs he helped rescue

Firefighter adopts 3 dogs he helped rescue
Frank and Christopher Cacciatore with Zach, Sheeba and Chloe

Kudos to firefighter Frank Cacciatore, a 12 year veteran of the Niagara Falls Fire Department,who not only saved three golden retrievers from an icy death, but decided to adopt them following the death of their 70 year old owner Pascal Schufari.

Schufari succumbed after he tried to rescue one of this dogs that had raced out onto Hyde Park Lake and got stuck last Wednesday. The man fell through the ice and had to be pulled out by rescue crews who rushed him to Niagara Falls Memorial Hospital, but were unable to revive him.

As a result of the tragedy, the dogs, Chloe (age 6), Sheba and Zach (estimated to be around 2 years old each) were left homeless and ended up at the local SPCA shelter until Cacciatore and his family offered to take all three.

“I showed my son Christopher a picture of the accident in the newspaper in order to teach him about the dangers of ice, when he asked me what was going to happen to the dogs,” Cacciatore told the Buffalo News. “We were planning on adding another dog to our family anyway.”

The Cacciatores already had one dog, along with their four sons. Now they have four and four.

“Each of the kids now has a dog. And the dogs are getting plenty of love,” remarked Frank.

Local residents interested in adopting a rescued dog here in Connecticut can contact the SPCA here at 359 Springhill Rd., Monroe, CT 06468 203 445-9978, as well as any of the other animal shelters throughout the state.

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