Feral cats of Indian Trail, NC needs donations for kitten with broken leg

Feral cats of Indian Trail, NC needs donations for kitten with broken leg

Spot needs donations for leg treatment

This sweet little kitten named Spot is in desperate need of funds to continue treating his leg. He's being cared for by Feral Cats of Indian Trail, NC, which is a large TNR feral cat colony.

There is only $65.00 left in their vetting fund to use for Spots leg treatment.. Sadly the last cray showed the bone had slipped out of its set & is healing deformed!! HELP... He needs an xray again to see what the next step is going to be.. Please please help us help Spots. This is not good & there is NO FUNDING to keep treating his leg. At this point there is nothing we can do with the account being at the end!!

As of now the x-ray will be $130 just to know what to expect. To rebreak & set the leg could cost $400. Plus cast changes every 2 weeks at $40 each for 8 weeks. This poor baby has already had a cast on for 4 weeks now & since its not healing g properly he is going to be stuck with it even longer!

Feral Cats of Indian Trail made the following plea in a July 31 post on their Facebook page

"We have hopes to get him into the office early in the week for x-rays & to see where we must go from here.. Tho the vet doesn't want to amputate because of how young he is after I see the next x-ray series (a single shot didn't help much, the orthopedic series will be a bunch of x-rays) if it looks bad & I feel its in the best Interest of little Spots well being I may push for it to be done. I don't want to break the leg again & put him through more pain to be back here yet again! The break is right above the elbow growth plate so I feel trying to break & reset is just too much for a baby this small to deal with!"

PayPal donations can be sent to [email protected] The rescue asks that you mark payments as friends or family so PayPal doesn't cut into the money sent. Every dollar could make a difference at this point.

Not only is Feral Cats responsible for Spot, but there are a handful of pregnant cats, one with a broken leg and one with deformed back legs that hops like a bunny that is suspected of being pregnant. There are countless cats that all need TNR as soon as possible.

This colony is near a busy highway, but has refuge in the local subdivision and wooded area behind where construction on a new strip mall is taking place.

The local subdivision is where this problem all started apparently. As eviction happened, cats were left behind and have multiplied many times over the past few years.

The rescue spoke with a woman who is feeding half the cats the rescue is trying to help, so they won't leave the neighborhood like the other half of the group does.

Recently, four little 5-week-old kittens were pulled from the colony, and the small TNR caregivers know many more will be born soon. There is much help needed, and this small rescue really needs donations.

What began as a small venture to save a few cats has multiplied, which is what cats who aren't spayed or neutered do.

Please share this article with cat lovers you know, in hopes they can spare a few dollars for treatment.