Feliway- How have I managed without you??!

Feliway- How have I managed without you??!
This is something that has NEVER happened! Dora refuses to sit anywhere near the dogs.

Feliway Plug In Diffuser







Let me start by saying I will always try find an easier (read: cheaper) way to get things done. Oh, my cat seems to be displaying behaviors that are outright silly? Let me hit Google real quick. Here is some background on what I have, and what brought Feliway into my home.

We have two cats. One is incredibly grumpy, and old, and neutered. The other is young, acts like one of our dogs, and unaltered. Thus they are named...(drum roll please).... Dora, and Pandora. (crazy, right?).

We moved a month or two ago, and though we had problems at our other home- it all hit the fan living here! No more adventures outside, more rain, new house, new problems.

Extra clawing on the couch.

No more cuddles.

In fact, almost no more socialization. I wouldn't know they still lived with us if their food hadn't kept disappearing!

More fights (well, more jumpy and lashing out at each other and our two dogs)

And lastly:

LOTS of pee. On everything. No matter where I left it.

I missed the cuddles, but the peeing on everything was the final straw- but as part of the family I didn't want to re-home them. I tried most of what Google offered: multiple clean litter boxes, a space of their own, ect.

I ended up talking with a vet, and the biggest thing that they offered was Feliway to see if it would help.


It's about the size of a glade plug in, and it just needs to stay plugged in (which can be a struggle- so try and put it somewhere it won't get knocked!). The only iffy thing is that it only covers so much space, so in our two story town home we would need two- one upstairs and one downstairs (I just have one in our front room, since that is where most of the problems were).

No more squabbles between the cats. Dora is way more accepting of the dogs (he never was, but he even let our husky lick him!) and now they just come down and kick it with us- all day if we are home! Best of all, the peeing seems to have stopped entirely.

I was highly hesitant of something I would have to buy... then keep buying refills for every 30 days, but I HIGHLY recommend this. I paid about 35 at my vet's office, and I found it on amazon for about 25- so not nearly as bad as doing laundry 5 times a day!

Have you tried it? Let me know what you think!

Note: I would have absolutely given it a full 5 stars if it were able to reach a whole home, and not need multiple diffusers. This may not be feasibly but I can wish!