Family pet horse killed in Swinton

Family pet horse killed in Swinton

Horse sustained serious injuries that caused death. This picture is not of Sylvia

A set of circumstances occurred that ended with the death of Sam Daly’s favorite pet horse. Daly, 17, and her friend Vicky Melia, were out on Saturday morning on their routine weekend ride on a path in Warren Vale, Swinton. An Akita dog startled the horse and jumped at it causing Daly to quickly dismount. The horse, named Sylvia, pulled free and bolted into the road at the Woodman traffic circle where she was struck by a car.

The chestnut Thoroughbred horse could not be saved and died at the scene.

Daly’s mother, Jo, came on the scene shortly after the accident and thanked bystanders who took charge and also comforted her distraught daughter.

Mother Daly said,

In particular, there was a woman with a young boy who got out of her car, stopped the traffic and helped Sam, who was traumatized. Luckily, Sam had dismounted safely or we could be having a very different conversation.

Daly has had horses for six years. Sylvia was a new acquisition to the family since April. Mother Daly said that this was a dreadful thing. It’s a sad day because Sylvia was their pet.

The occupants of the car were taken to a nearby hospital for precautionary measures but were not injured.

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